Letters to the editor: Oct. 9, 2020


Make America America again

I have read with interest the last few weeks letters arguing for or against the current occupant of the White House due to his support for Israel. It seems to me that those supporting this misogynist bigot are neglecting to understand what will happen to our country if he is reelected.

In any case, Israel will be OK. As one reader pointed out, little known but true is that the Obama-Biden administration ensured more than any other administration Israel’s qualitative edge with such weapon systems as our F-35. Research it. You will discover it is true.

What good is support of our ally Israel if our country fails to support its own citizens? It would be specious and fatuous at best. How will your parents or grandparents (or you later) do without Social Security? Without Medicare? The widow and the orphan, those in poverty, without food stamps or Medicaid? Our pandemic grows due to that man’s poor handling of it. Further, our public lands, our lands turned over to polluting industries for fossil fuels that already are on the decline, this due to his and his enablers’ denial of climate change.

In short, all that will be left is the potential end of our republic, an oligarchy hiring low-wage serfs, the end of the dream.

I took an oath once to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I respected my commanders-in-chief and followed their orders with pride. This so-called CIC is a traitor, relishing to be as Putin (the Russian dictator working to ensure his election, for reasons known and suspected). Deny. Vote for Biden-Harris. Israel is Israel. Let’s make America America again.

~ Donald Ray Schwartz | Major, USAFR, Mt. Washington


Justice Ginsburg’s final decision

Much has already been said about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and much more will be said. She earned her place as a political and cultural icon (“May her memory be a blessing,” Sept. 25).

For Jews, she was the very face of Jewish liberalism. For that reason, it is noteworthy that Justice Ginsburg chose to be buried, rather than cremated.

Although it is a biblical mitzvah to be buried, we find that growing numbers of Jews, particularly liberal Jews, choose cremation, believing it to be somehow more “progressive” than traditional burial. But there is a difference between true liberalism and mere fashion, and we can be certain that a mind as reasoned as Justice Ginsburg’s discerned that difference.

The decisions she authored impact every American, but it is Justice Ginsburg’s final decision that Jews should take to heart when considering their own plans.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a liberal icon, but she was also Yita Rochel bat Tzirel Leah. She was born a Jew, she died a Jew, and she chose burial, because that’s what Jews do.

~ Rabbi Elchonon Zohn | National Association of Chevra Kadisha, New York City

The Yiddishkeit of RBG

At the end of Yom Kippur 2019, Ribono Shel Olam closed the book of life and for the first time in more than eight decades omitted the name of the honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“May her memory be a blessing,” Sept. 25). Since that day the angels came knocking to do Hashem’s bidding. A cancer diagnosis, a broken bone, a hospital stay, a surgery, all were media cover for the jurists’ pilpul. Many nights in the hospital, the beep of the heart monitor served as the sole witness to deep talmudic arguments with angels. The diminutive jurist won time after time. It was not until mere hours were left before Rosh Hashanah 2020, less than a day before overt violation of divine will, that the angels won their arguments and the jurist succumbed (no doubt with a masterful dissent).

So why did she fight so hard? You think this is partisan politics that made her tolerate much pain? No. The ingenious RBG was a learned woman. She was named after the biblical figure of Ruth. Justice Ginsburg well knew the story of the Megillah, including the kindness offered by Ruth to Naomi. Yet the justice sought to outdo her namesake. Her mission for tikkun olam was the benefit of all women. Born to the Jewish tradition of learning and to an American Conservative Jewish community distinguished for its progressive views on women, the irrepressible RBG had made a career of fighting for gender equality long before her ordination to the supreme court. This was her mission and it remains undone. It is now up to us. Should we wish to realize RBG’s vision of tikkun olam, we need to work.

First, we need to schlep and either get a mail-in ballot or figure out where to vote. Second, we need to think about the candidates. Who would fight for equality? Who would meet the high moral standards she set? Who would have won the approval of the notorious RBG? I hope that in the wake of her passing, we choose to use her example to further her life’s work.

~ Gershon Mezion, San Diego


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