Letters to the editor: October 14


Colleges don’t collectively ‘brainwash’
Evidently, Sonny Taragin (Letters, “Don’t make me laugh,” Sept. 30) thinks that “liberal” colleges are involved in some kind of conspiracy to “brainwash” students. This is yet another right-wing conspiracy fantasy and a slur on the integrity of university professors. Teaching chemistry or Spanish or art or math is apolitical; it is what it is. As for the more political stuff such as political science or history, as someone with an advanced degree in political science, I know that I was taught without political bias (although the conventional wisdom at the time thought of the Soviet Union and China as one evil entity.) Climate change is a fact. Teaching about it is a duty. Similarly, teaching about the evils of slavery is not some critical race theory conspiracy; it is merely the truth. Brainwashing would be ignoring the subject, as many on the right would rather do. Colleges don’t get together to plan coordinated brainwashing campaigns.
So, Sonny, please don’t make me cry!

Columbia, Md.

Anger article inappropriate
The absolute rant by Kate Hennessey (“It’s OK to be angry,” Sept. 30) is totally out of place in the Jewish Times, especially in an issue with a number of fine articles appropriate for the High Holidays. She is completely wrong in her premise that because she is being personally consumed by her anger about every aspect of life that pains her, it is OK to for her to promote her intense emotional state to be worthy of a feeling to be admired and exemplified. The decision to publish this article at this time—or anytime—is counterproductive to the values that the JT usually highlights.

Lutherville, Md.

In “Multifaith congregations share physical space with goal of boosting spiritual interaction” (Local News, Sept. 30),” Oakland Mills Interfaith Center was listed as having two Jewish congregations and three Christian congregations. It actually has three Jewish congregations with the last being Kol Nefesh. Darla Strouse was also not correctly credited as Bet Aviv’s ritual chair in the original article.

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