Letters to the editor: Sept. 11


Unqualified for the position

I was very saddened after reading this article (“Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President Trump,” Sept. 4). The nature of democracy and politics allows each of us to have choices, but our religious teachings give us guidance. The writer states that “fear of the progressive left” is the main reason to support President 45. I recommend the writer reviews U.S. history during and after the pandemic of 1918 and the responses of Presidents Wilson and FDR. I also recommend a review of how Hitler was able to take over Germany.

These actions/ beliefs of President 45 show the kind of person he is:
-Every action is for me, myself and I
-No comprehension of the meaning of a fact
-No civility for anyone with an opposing view, idea or belief; not even able to listen to opposing views
-No knowledge, understanding or respect for history, science, mathematics or language
-Added point: the U.S. has always supported Israel

I am fully aware that I do not know everything, but I was taught that being a mensch was the best kind of person you could be. I was taught that the highest form of tzedakah was to give anonymously, that is without recognition of your generosity. I was taught tzedakah is the right thing to do regardless of the amount. I was taught that Hashem expects us to care for the earth He has given us.

When I add up this information, President 45 does not meet the minimum standards I was taught leaders should possess. While I cannot identify a perfect candidate for president of the United States, I can clearly see one person who is very unqualified for the position.

Arlene C. Block, Baltimore


Trump and women

In response to Binyamin Rose’s article supporting Donald Trump (“Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President Trump,” Sept. 4), I would like to refer to his last paragraph where Mr. Rose defends Trump’s values. I could list a myriad of values but allow me to list just one: his value of women, or should I say, his total denigration of women.

Dovey Kahn, Pikesville


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