Letters to the Editor: Sept. 18


Other side accurately represented

I would like to commend the JT for running “Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President Trump” (Sept. 4). As the regular readership knows, the editorial staff and even letters to the editor are so skewed against the president. In fact, this same issue ran “Clashing realities,” which was by no means an equal portrayal of the conventions, and “QAnon support” by one of the JT readers.

Nobody is perfect. President Hillary Clinton would likely not have been ridiculed by the overwhelmingly liberal media, including the JT, who writes to its base, even close to as much as Trump. The media would have continued to look the other way at her putting classified information at risk, letting illegals swarm our country and, yes, thousands of protesters looting and rioting during a pandemic of social distancing.

My late grandmother used to say, do it if it’s good for the Jews. Four more years will be good for personal liberty, the economy and, yes, Israel — even if most of those reading this put the Israel issue dead last on their agenda.

Noah Cohen


One-issue support is dangerous

I am writing about the article by Binyamin Rose, “Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President Trump” in the issue of Sept. 4. Rose refers to Orthodox Jews with their unique dress. My family has attended Orthodox shuls for over 120 years. We don’t wear any special clothes, and therefore, are we not Orthodox?

Rose goes on to write that Trump’s diatribes have emboldened far right extremists as apparently his only negative actions. I suppose his constant lies, nasty comments about “enemies,” his known cheating in business and his low morals do not count with this Orthodox author. He further states that Democrat progressives have ramped up their anti-Israel rhetoric. And finally he cites Trump’s solid support for Israel as a reason to support him. In reading this article, I felt that Rose, in this article, in a much more polite manner, mirrored Trump’s false tweets in most every area. Yes, we support Israel in every way, but one-issue support as a reason to favor a political candidate is very dangerous to a democracy.

Albert Sherman


Outrageous defense

Mr. Rose’s opinion article wins the prize as the most illogical, misguided and outrageous defense of Mr. Trump I have read in the four years of his presidency. Mr. Rose demonstrated the absolute apex of denial and obfuscation employed by Trump loyalists in their ardent double-talk in support of the indefensible.

Insufficient space precludes me from refuting the many inconsistent points Mr. Rose suggests as his reasons for his vote. As many of my Orthodox friends have told me, “as long as he supports Israel, Trump has my vote. I don’t care about his other policies, his behavior, his bigotry, etc.” The ability to compartmentalize and ignore his lying, denials, support of white supremacy, totally inept leadership — not to mention his many dangerous psychological abnormalities — is truly amazing and sad. Old enough to live and remember the administrations of nine presidents, never did I hear anything remotely comparable to the completely ignorant and incomprehensible performances of President Trump. I said when Trump was elected I fear for the future of the country, and many of my friends said I was overreacting. My fears have only become more intense and foreboding.

Herschel Budlow


More responses to Binyamin Rose’s Voices piece:

Some comments on Facebook regarding “Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President Trump” (Sept. 4):


Part of the problem is that Obama threw Israel under the bus at the UN, something which may be a harbinger of the future direction of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, most American Jews don’t realize that Trump’s support for Israel is driven by the messianic dreams of America’s evangelical Christians, who not only constantly “bless” Jews (parable of Balaam’s blessing) and want the Jews to emigrate to Israel but also want the Jews to convert to Christianity. Meanwhile, Trump’s “nationalism” is encouraging domestic anti-Semites to crawl out from under the rocks. And to be clear, much of the violence and arson at the protests has been caused by armed white nationalists who would like to foment a civil war. “What is good for the Jews?” A tolerant society will always be better.

Phil Shapiro


I don’t understand the appeal, especially from Jewish people. His disdain for all minorities is so blatant and shameless. He hates anything that doesn’t benefit him.

Linda Rosen Betts


Given the state of and platform of the Democrat Party, I’m not sure why anyone needs to write an article explaining why a religious Jew would vote Republican, even for an imperfect candidate like Trump.

Meshulam Zusha Yonteff


Binyamin, I am a Conservative Jew at a Reform temple surrounded by others who have literally said, “We all hate the president.”

I want you to know, I stand with you. I stand with the president. Thank you for this excellent column, sir.

Michael Mullis


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