Letters to the Editor: Sept. 25


A plea for the Jewish vote

We have had a most unusual president for almost four years. He wants your vote and is doing whatever he can at this late date, before the election, to make us believe that he has Israel’s interests in his heart. The latest Middle East promises (“Experts view Israel’s normalization deals as start of reordering of Mideast promises,” Sept. 18) will hopefully help Israel’s relationship with those countries, but do not believe that he has done this by himself. Feats such as this have been in the works for many years. We are giving these countries much in the form of armaments and fighter planes in exchange for these promises. We get nothing for nothing! Hopefully they will never be used against Israel.

The American government has always supported Israel, no matter who has been president. Do not forget President Trump’s behavior as president of the United States. We, the voting public, seem to have a very short memory. But can we forget the chutzpah, lies, deceit, false promises and his many transgressions? His persona needs adoration, and his narcissism has no bounds. He has put thousands of Americans in grave danger at his many rallies as he continues to ridicule the recommendation of wearing of masks or of social distancing. This, from a man who had knowledge of this deadly disease since February! He laughed and even placed blame on the Democrats, instead of giving us grave warnings of the possible horror to come and taking action as scientists recommended. He mocks the thought of global warming.

Can you vote for a person of his character? Do not give him another four years to play with our democracy and well-being. Your vote is precious. Please think of the future we are passing to our children and grandchildren.

Herta Baitch, Pikesville

More Columbia, please

My shul here in Columbia has been doing some fun and innovative activities — a scavenger hunt and pettings and such. But hardly anything from Columbia ever shows up in community pictures. I do see Rabbi Grossman and Cantor Apt doing services, but can we see some of the fun stuff Beth Shalom in Columbia is doing too?

Sherri Kersey, Columbia

Responses to Rabbi Joshua Runyan’s Voices piece:

Some comments on Facebook regarding “Why Trump’s not getting this Orthodox vote” (Sept. 18):

I respectfully disagree with your analysis. Biden and Harris will sell Israel down the river in a heartbeat. You are asking for AOC and the likes of her “squad” and Farrakhan and his supporters to be front and center. There is no good reason for Jews to vote for Biden/Harris. They are not the Democrats of past.

Leslie Ann

Thank you! May all of us really understand the importance of what happened in Charlottesville four years ago when hundreds of alt-right protesters marched with torches and Nazi flags in front a small synagogue screaming, “Jews will not replace us.” When asked, our president said there were good people on both sides of the protest. The other side were women and college students protesting against hate.

Wendy Rosen

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