Letters to the editor: Sept. 4


QAnon support

Once again Trump is becoming more and more dangerous. He is happy with QAnon support. Why is that? Because they like him (“QAnon — Connecting Nonexistent Dots,” Aug. 28).

No matter how insidious this group is.

One just won the primary in Georgia.

The group is anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and a host of other things.

Remember, this is the group that went into a pizza restaurant in D.C. because they thought it was a child trafficking and sex ring involving Hillary Clinton. This occurred during the 2016 election cycle. A man who believed this went into the establishment and fired a gun.

If you think this can’t get worse, you are wrong.

The silence of Trump eggs them on.

Lana Fink, Reisterstown


72 years of Arab rejection

The conclusion of your editorial presents a kumbaya fantasy because for 72 years the Arabs have rejected every offer of a country called Palestine (“Beinart v Gordis: The Israel Dilemma,” July 17).

The editorial concludes: “Israel should never have to chose between being Jewish and being democratic. It can and should be both — living side by side with its Palestinian neighbors.” A fantasy that has absolutely no relation to the last 72 years of Arab rejectionism. Beginning on Nov. 30, 1947, when the Arabs rejected a country called Palestine when offered by the United Nations General Assembly. Both Yasir Arafat was and Mahmoud Abbas is obsequious sycophants of the Grand Mufti. Consequently, they have rejected every offer of a country called Palestine by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Trump for the identical reason the Grand Mufti rejected the offer from the United Nations General Assembly: None of them guarantee a judenrein Middle East.

The last 72 years makes clear the Palestinian Arabs do not want a two-state solution. It has been offered to them many times. They want a judenrein Middle East. The Grand Mufti said it. When Arafat spoke to other Muslims, he said it. When Abbas speaks to other Muslims, he says it.

There was a time when Adolf Hitler wrote about wanting to annihilate the Jews, and many were skeptical. Today there exists that bloodcurdling photograph of the Grand Mufti sitting with Hitler in 1941.

To ignore these 72 years of the clear words and actions of rejection by the Palestinian Arabs is to live in a kumbaya fantasy world.

Richard Sherman, Margate, Fla.


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