Letters to the Editor: September 16


Revisionist history
The September 2, 2022 issue of the Baltimore Jewish Times ran both a right-leaning editorial and a right-leaning opinion piece, both containing revisionist history.

“Let’s Not Make a Deal” disparaged Iran’s compliance with the first International Nuclear Accord Agreement. While persons with a biased mindset might wish that to be true, it is false. The U.N. nuclear inspectors, the scientists, and all parties to the international agreement, including the United States, agree that Iran upheld its obligations under the agreement. Furthermore, the accords were achieving their aim of kicking the can down the road and postponing Iran’s production of a nuclear weapon. Not surprisingly, after the U.S. unilaterally pulled out of the agreement, Iran has made significant strides toward developing a nuclear weapon.

The opinion piece (“For CNN and antisemitism, not perfect but a good start”) argued against the notion that Donald Trump is antisemitic. The author stated that CNN is “predisposed” to portray Trump in a negative light. Predisposed indicates bias, and there is no proof that negative coverage of Trump is due to bias rather than a justified, unbiased journalistic presentation of facts.

Although Trump eventually condemned the “Jews will not replace us” extremists, this condemnation occurred under great pressure from his advisors and his family and only after Trump’s reaction to the event was universally condemned. Meanwhile, the extremists have lauded Trump for his statements that enable antisemitism to flourish.


Well-deserved coverage
Responses to “JUSA Center welcomes Torah scroll in memory of Jewish WWII Vet,” Sept. 2, 2022 on Facebook:

Mazal Tov Rabbi Tenenbaum! Your fame is growing with your obvious dedication to Jewish veterans and the Jewish community in general! What a marvelous article and accomplishment to be featured in the Jewish Times!
Anaheim, California

Mazal tov! Great article! Nice picture!

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