Letters to the editor: September 23


Recognition of service
Kudos to the JT for covering the wonderful Torah dedication on a very happy occasion honoring our special World War II, Korean and Vietnam War vets in our area and recognizing a late veteran and his family (“JUSA Center welcomes Torah scroll in memory of Jewish World War II vet, Sept. 2, 2022). We were indeed honored to have Deputy Secretary of State Luis Borunda on hand, but let’s not forget a true public servant and Marine himself who served in Vietnam and (among other achievements) rose to Majority Whip of the Maryland House of Delegates and a first tour of duty as Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs from 2003-2007 before reprising the post in 2007: Secretary George Owings III. Hundreds of us in the Maryland Jewish community are honored to know him.

Rabbi Tenenbaum also received a special citation from the MDVA and Governor Hogan to this special donor family to mark the day. To all we say, Yasher koach!

George Faber

Thank you, BCPD
What a sad and scary time (“Synagogues, police focus on security for high holidays,” Sept. 16, 2022).

Thank you, Balto County Police, for putting people at ease as they pray at their synagogues during the High Holidays.

Thank you for not charging for your services.

The Jewish community is blessed to have you in our corner.

Lana Fink

What are the alternatives?
In “A second Iran deal would be based on pure fantasy” (Sept. 2, 2022), Joseph Frager neglects to mention that Iran complied with every word in the deal that former President Barack Obama made with both governments.

Virtually all of our allies agreed with the deal, pitting Israel and the United States against it. Frager offers no alternative to stop Iran’s intention to build nuclear weapons. Should he take the advice of the late billionaire Sheldon Adelson, scaring the Iranian people by dropping a nuclear bomb in the Iranian desert and threatening that the next one will be on Tehran?

I agree with President Joe Biden’s determination to work out a deal with the government of Iran. If Frager has any solution to prevent Iran’s nuclear buildup, I would like to hear it.

Gerald Ben Shargel

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