Letters to the editor: September 30


Don’t make me laugh!
The Baltimore Jewish Times echoes the Biden administration talking points in justifying the bribing of millions of student voters under the so-called “Student Debt Forgiveness” program (Editorial, Sept. 20, 2022). The proper name should be “Student Debt Responsibility Transfer” to unwilling taxpayers! I do chuckle about the ease with which woke liberals are able to “solve” the so-called student debt problem (as if that’s the only debt out there) while scratching their heads about what to do with severely escalating college tuition, which is actually the real culprit. In fact, that’s the solution to funding this program: claw back the billions of dollars that the liberal colleges have used to enrich themselves, their administrators, professors and endowments with apparently little to no benefits to the students. (Otherwise, why the need to “forgive” the debt?) Both problems solved! Why doesn’t the Biden administration do that?

It’s simple; it won’t bite the hand that feeds them. These liberal colleges are responsible for brainwashing (oops, I mean educating) millions of future voters in policies that they like! Instead, let’s punish the American people so the colleges can continue enriching themselves while robbing students of real value for their education dollars.


In “Former colleagues share their memories of Louis ‘Buddy’ Sapolsky” (Sept. 16, 2022), Melissa Seltzer’s name was incorrectly spelled as “Marisa.” She was also incorrectly listed as being the senior director of community art; she is the senior director of arts and culture.

In “Training the next generation of nurses with Lisa Rowen” (Sept. 16, 2022), ACE was erroneously attributed to the University of Maryland, but it is a program of the University of Maryland Medical System. Her daughters were also listed as attending Beth Tfiloh, but they are graduates. Rowen is a professor at the University of Maryland, not an associate professor.

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