Levitt, Area Sex Offender, Changes Addresses


Stanley Levitt, who was convicted of molesting three Boston-area boys in the 1970s, has changed his Baltimore address.

According to VINE, a service that keeps track of criminal proceedings, protective orders and more for victims, Levitt’s new address is 3709 Glen Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215.

Nancy Aiken, director of CHANA (Counseling, Helping & Aid Network for Abused Women), said Levitt was known to own a house on Glen Avenue, and the alert may have come through because he changed his address with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services parole and probation office.

Levitt’s photograph and information were circulated in area synagogues and at the JCC, but Aiken recommends people keep an eye on the sex-offender registry (dpscs.state.md.us/sorSearch/) for offenders in their neighborhood.

“People should always be vigilant about who’s near them and their children,” she said.

Jeremy Silbert, a spokesman for Baltimore Police, said people can call 911 anytime they see something suspicious and can remain anonymous when calling.

“We need you to be our eyes and our ears,” Silbert said of the community.


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