Local Couple Awarded an Honorary Fellowship

From left: Dr. Martin and Grace Rosman with Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie, receiving Honorary Fellowships from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Martin and Grace Rosman of Annapolis, Md. and Sarasota, Fla., were awarded Technion Honorary Fellowships for their hard work and generosity in creating opportunities for underserved high school students to attend the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

“The future of Israel is in her students,” said Dr. Rosman. Accompanied by friends and family members, he and his wife received the honor at a special ceremony on June 10 during the Technion Board of Governors meeting on the Haifa campus for their commitment to the student enrichment program, the Rosman ATIDIM program, and other Technion initiatives. They also dedicated a floor of the Undergraduate Student Village in honor of their six grandchildren.

Israel’s national ATIDIM program seeks to create a more diverse and productive society by giving promising young students from Israel’s poorest neighborhoods the chance to get a university education. Attracted to that goal, the Rosmans established the Rosman ATIDIM program in 2007 with support from the American Technion Society (ATS) in Washington, D.C.

The program helps level the playing field for Israel’s haves and have-nots by supporting college-prep courses for immigrants and other students from Israel’s disadvantaged communities. Once admitted to the Technion, Rosman ATIDIM provides students with assistance in every aspect of university life, from financial scholarship and academic tutoring to laptop computers.

“I couldn’t have gone to the Technion, graduated and had the career I have without the Rosmans’ generous help,” said Nir Emuna, a Rosman ATIDIM alumnus and a Ph.D. candidate in the Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Grace and Marty.”

Dr. Rosman is director of the breast cancer research group at the Anne Arundel Medical Center Breast Center in Annapolis. Mrs. Rosman conducted biochemical research at the National Institutes of Health before becoming a secondary school science teacher. They are active members of the ATS Washington, D.C. board and the Technion Board of Governors, and were members of the ATS National Board.

As Technion Guardians—a designation reserved for those who support the Technion at the highest level—the Rosmans have supported programs for new faculty members, undergraduate dormitories, student scholarships and funds for reservists who have lost academic time while serving the Israel Defense Forces.

Honorary Fellowships are bestowed on those who have contributed to the advancement of the Technion and Israel through their leadership or by developing support for the Technion in their community. The citation nominating the Rosmans read: “In sincere thankfulness for your strong and longstanding commitment to the Technion and Israel; in gratitude for your support, which has helped the Technion to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty and students; and with admiration for your deep understanding of the Technion’s vital role in the future of Israel and the World.”


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