Loehmann’s More Than Just a Store


Though I agree stores are replaceable and I can “find bargains elsewhere,” Loehmann’s offered more than just a shopping experience (“Stores Are Replaceable!” Jan. 31). In fact, Loeh-mann’s served as a modern “Red Tent” for women.

Growing up in New York, I have vague memories of being a very little girl and driving to this strange place to see women in their underwear in the giant common dressing room in Brooklyn or the Bronx. Everyone was trying on clothes and talking and laughing. Strangers became friends and sisters to support and guide one another. The key was, it was a journey I made with my sister, mother, grandmother and aunts.

As the years went on wherever I lived, I went to Loehmann’s to find my new Jewish connection point. Whether it was Brooklyn, Long Island, Los Angeles, Florida or Maryland, I knew I could always have a successful shop and no doubt always find wise women to support me. Wherever we were, the women left the men and had their day of fun and freedom.

The closing of Loehmann’s is the end of an era of women coming together to be themselves in all forms of nakedness and rallying to make each woman look her best, and, yes, at discount prices. The family memories I have for almost 50 years of my life truly make my heart ache at this loss.

Leslie Windman

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