On May 20, Rabbi Shuviel Avraham Maaravi of Tucson, Ariz., at 62. He is survived by wife Esther Maaravi; former wife Tracey Maaravi; children Sarah Maaravi, Eliyahu (Sara) Guscott, Moshe (Esther) Maaravi, Yehuda Maaravi, Miriam Maaravi, Sivia Maaravi and Rivka Maaravi; grandchildren Yosef, Sneor Zalman, Duber, Devorah, Eden, Musya, Feivel, Geulah, Shmuel, Nissim, Leib and Elvie; and sister Rebecca Hughes. He was loved dearly by his seven children and 12 grandchildren, family and friends. He had a brilliant mind, musical talent, compassion and kindness that was handed down to his family and has left its imprint for generations.

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