Make A Mitzvah Tree And Other Family Activities

    1. Plant Parsley on Tu B’Shevat to use on Pesach
    2. Make a terrarium
    3. Host a fruit salad party. All guests are invited to bring a different kind of fruit. Put together all of your resources and you have a beautiful, colorful, delicious creation which all can enjoy!
    4. Create new ways of using leftover containers to make birdbaths. Remember to keep the water shallow. Also, be sure to cut up the plastic rings used for holding cans of drinks. If they are disposed of whole, they can find their way into the ocean and get caught on birds’ and sea animals’ necks.
    5. Create a mitzvah tree: Draw a picture of a tree on a large poster. On green construction paper, draw leaves and cut them out. Each time you do a good deed, paste one of the leaves on the tree. Perhaps each person in the family could have different color leaves and as time goes on, the tree will become full and colorful.
    6. Adopt a tree: Buy a new seedling and plant it together as a family in your yard. Choose one special day in the week to take a walk together, go visit your tree. Give it water and nurture it. Follow its growth through the years. Or plant a tree in Israel. Call JNF at (410) 486-3517.
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