Make Calls, Please


I want to thank Marc Shapiro and Maayan Jaffe for having the courage to write the story about the difficulty in getting a traffic light by the Bais Yaakov School on Smith Avenue. I would be remiss, however, if I did not make a few comments.

My purpose in pushing for this story was not to see my name in print. Rather, my sole objective is for your readers to know why we do not have the traffic light and what your readers can do about it. … I try to teach my students how to get bad politicians and bureaucrats to make good decisions despite the fact that they are bad politicians and bureaucrats. … The only way we can get this injustice corrected is to make calls to Kevin Kamenetz, Vicki Almond and Edward Adams and let them know that their refusal to put up the light does a tremendous disservice to the students, faculty, parents and members of the community. … Seize the moment — make the calls!

Ralph Jaffe

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