Making Cents Together

(Justin Tsucalas)

Tzedakah, the mitzvah of giving, is a celebrated tradition in Jewish culture. As Dr. Sherry Blumberg, 2012 Jewish Educator of the Year recommends, when teaching your children about tzedakah, let them get involved as much as possible.

“Children learn best by doing and exploring through their senses,” she writes.

Make giving a meaningful and enjoyable bonding experience by helping your child create a personalized tzedakah box or “pushka” (Yiddish for tzedakah).

First, encourage your child to choose a charitable organization that has meaning for him or her. With an organization in mind, gather the following items: a small empty box or container with a lid, scissors, glue, construction paper and various decorating elements such as markers, glitter and stickers. Assist your child by making an opening for money and encourage decorating the box with tzedakah spelled in Hebrew letters. When the box is complete, have your child pick a place to keep it and watch as the contents grow.


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