Manischewitz All-Star Cookoff


050914_food1To choose the very best of the best, the Manischewitz All-Star Cookoff began with the finalists from its past seven contests. From these, four were chosen. They submitted recipes for some of the most delicious creations I have ever tasted — and I have tasted a lot of food from contest recipes!

The final Manischwewitz all-star for 2014 was Jamie Brown-Miller from Napa, Calif., for her palate-pleasing, contemporary fusion of traditional Southern chicken and waffles.

The winning recipe makes innovative use of Manischewitz products: Potato pancake mix is the base for the waffles, and matzo ball mix coats the chicken. Smart and delicious.

Jamie Brown-Miller demonstrates her award-winning recipe. (photos provided)
Jamie Brown-Miller demonstrates her award-winning recipe.
(photos provided)

Another finalist, Dr. Joe Carver, won raves for Bubbie’s Noodle Studel. Carver’s dish was creamy and delicious with a few unusual ingredient combinations. The luscious kugel-type dish was definitely not your bubbie’s kugel, but it was a great dairy entrée that even your bubbie would love.

Back home I had to put my own creativity into play for Pesach. Although hard-boiled eggs are always a Seder standard, many people (especially my health-conscious kids) now leave the yolks and only eat the whites. What to do with all those yummy hard-boiled yolks?

I began to wonder what would happen if I put them in the freezer. I scanned the Web, and sure enough, I found recipes using freshly defrosted hard-boiled yolks. I found a cookie recipe that was so easy I couldn’t believe it. They were rich and included butter, but those cookies were as good as any shortbread cookies I’ve ever made. I call them the ultimate recycled shortbread cookies.

Manischewitz will now hold its contest every year. Pull up your old family heirloom recipes and give them a new twist. To enter, visit

$25,000 Winner: Waffled Latkes With Matzo Fried Chicken

Better-Than-Shortbread Easy Cookies
Bubbie’s Noodle Strudel

Tips & Tricks

  • Usually recipes calling for egg noodles can use wide, medium and curled or straight, depending on your choice.
  • Extra-firm tofu must be labeled as such when a recipe calls for it.
  • You can freeze egg yolks for later use. Cool first, and wrap them tightly in plastic zip-lock bag

Ilene Spector is a local freelance writer.

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