Maryland delegate wants more transparency in justice system

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In the wake of Efraim Gordon’s murder, and of the arrests of three teens in connection to his death, one Maryland lawmaker is looking to shake up the system by bringing greater transparency.

Del. Dalya Attar, who represents the district where Gordon was killed, plans to resurrect a bill to create a public database for juvenile crimes, according to WBFF. The proposed legislation would allow the public to keep track of how these cases are handled and their outcomes. It would not release the juvenile’s identity.

Two of the teens who have been arrested in connection to Gordon’s death are juveniles, while the third is 18 years old.

Of the three teens currently in custody, each is being charged as an adult for murder, said a report by WBFF, though it is possible that the cases of the two younger suspects could be moved to a juvenile court. In such an event, the results of their court proceedings would no longer be entered into public record.

“What we do see very often is these juveniles are not being rehabilitated,” said Attar, according to WBFF. “These juveniles, once they turn 18, they continue to commit crime. Many times escalating, and the system did not help them. If there is some transparency in the system. If this bill were to pass we could see what is happening when these children are in the system.”

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