Matzo Match


051614_beshertJenna & Jeremy Sperber
First Date: April 2010
Wedding Date: April 6, 2014
Venue: Hunt Valley Golf Club
Residence: Reisterstown
Favorite Activity: Spending time together and with family

In late March 2010, Jenna Singer returned to Towson University after the first Passover Seder. Her mother, Wendy Quartner, had packed her matzah, mandel bread and other goodies to last her through the week.

The apartment’s parking lot was a far walk, and she had lots to carry. It was too early for the Safe Ride program, which provides assistance after 11 p.m., so she called the campus police to wait with her.

When she reached the stop, she found a thin guy eating a hamburger. Jeremy Sperber asked if she was coming from the grocery store. When Jenna told him she came from her family’s Seder, he was shocked. He had no idea it was Passover.

Their connection was instant, beginning with their disdain for the parking situation and continuing with their common beliefs.

As soon as she could, Jenna sent Jeremy a friend request on Facebook to “check him out.” A few days later, they met and talked for hours.

Their first date to a local restaurant was delayed by two hours when Jeremy had to stay late at his new job. But it was worth the wait.

“I felt so comfortable around her,” said Jeremy, 24, a native of Long Island, N.Y. “I could completely be myself.”

All of their free time was spent together. One Sunday night, Jeremy joined Jenna in Reisterstown and met her extended family.

Jeremy asked Jenna to be his girlfriend while doing laundry on April 20. The first person they told was the building’s security guard, who proclaimed they would marry one day.

During an early June trip to New York, Jenna met Karen and Richard Sperber. She also visited the local emergency room after a glow-stick mishap. On the bus ride home, Jenna texted Jeremy “ani ohevet otcha” and after Googling the phrase to learn it meant “I love you,” he texted it back.

They graduated a semester apart in 2012. Today, Jeremy is a technical lead for Microsystems and Jenna is a nanny and substitute teacher.

One September day, Jeremy brought Jenna’s family dog, Annie, to his apartment. Jenna sat down to eat and heard the collar’s jingling noise. She realized Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” was playing, and Jeremy knelt down with the dog and a ring.

They headed to her mom and stepfather Scott Quartner’s home, and her dad and stepmother, David and Kristen Singer, stopped over as well as siblings, cousins and friends.

They married April 6 at the Hunt Valley Golf Club with Beth Israel Congregation’s Cantor Roger Eisenberg officiating. Instead of the bouquet toss, they opted for a generation dance, which left Jenna’s grandparents, Carole and Arnold Singer, married for nearly 57 years, on the dance floor last.

Everything points to their future being just as strong. They share the same initials (JAS), Jenna shares a birthday with Jeremy’s sister, and they are just natural together.

“Just the fact that we met at the bus stop and found each other when we weren’t looking,” said Jenna, 23. “We didn’t have to try at all.”

Linda L. Esterson is an Owings Mills-based freelance writer. For “Beshert,” call 410-902-2305 or email

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