McDonogh Opens New Innovation Center

Michael Fader delivers addresses the crowd during the Fader Innovation Center’s opening ceremony. (Provided)

The Fader family, based in Baltimore, has a deep connection to the McDonogh School in Owings Mills. Judi and Steve Fader served as school board members while their three children, Dorie, Michael and Lexi, attended the school between 2005 and 2009.

Although it’s been nearly a decade since the youngest Fader studied at McDonogh, the family continues to support the school, recently  funding the construction  of a 7,000-square-foot  academic building to house the school’s robotics and engineering programs. The building, named the  Fader Innovation Center at  McDonogh School, will be the center for the school’s SEED (Social Entrepreneurship,  Engineering and Design)courses. It will also feature an  auto bay where students  will have the opportunity  to work on cars.

The center’s opening ceremony, attended by more than 500 McDonogh upper school students, was held on Sept. 12. The ceremonial ribbon cutting was appropriately performed by a student-built robot.

“That was a nice touch,” said Michael Fader, 28, the vice president of MileOne Holdings, an entity associated with the MileOne Autogroup.

Fader, who gave opening remarks before the unveiling of the new facility, believes  that students who study  robotics and engineering put themselves in positions to be innovators and future leaders. He applauded McDonogh for investing so heavily in SEED courses and for being a front-runner in such an  academic movement.

“I think the center  really helps set McDonogh apart,” Fader said. “With an  innovation center like the FIC, McDonogh plants its flag in the ground as a school that is very forward thinking, innovative and willing to  go out there and try new things.”

The Fader family is  also sponsoring the Fader  Innovation Challenge, a  year-long program currently  in development that will  bring students from  surrounding communities together with McDonogh students to design technological solutions to human problems. The program will align well the Fader family’s goal for the center.

“My hopes for the center is that it will be used as a resource not only for  McDonogh students, but for the community,” Fader said.

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