Meet The Fellows


120613_c_emilyEmily Benoit
Age: 22
College: University of Florida
Major: Sociology
Why Repair? “Repair the World was the first chance I got to put things I learned in youth group, temple and Hebrew school into practice and real life.”

120613_c_arielAriel Nathan
Age: 22
College: State University of New York at Binghamton
Major: Philosophy, politics and law
Why Repair? “I don’t have a story of how I learned community service is important, it just was. It was something we just did.”

120613_c_yubyYuby Hernandez
Age: 22
College: Wellesley College
Major: Biology
Why Repair? “When [I heard] about the fellowship I was like, ‘Yeah, how can I not do this?’”

120613_c_alliAlli Lesovoy
Age: 22
College: University of California, Davis
Major: Sociology
Why Repair? “I’ve always been trying to find my path … but I have this intense desire to help people.”

120613_c_lauraLaura Vitiello
Age: 23
College: University of Delaware
Major: Organizational
and community leadership
Why Repair? “I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful in terms of making a difference.”

120613_c_amaliaAmalia Mark
Age: 23
College: University of Maryland Baltimore County
Major: Theatre, gender and women’s studies
Why Repair? “It is allowing me, for a year, to work on grassroots change, which I think is the catalyst, the most important thing, for creating larger systematic change, which is what I’d really like to see.”

120613_c_jaredJared Gorin
Age: 22
College: Franklin and Marshall
Major: Biology
Why Repair? “I was really attracted to how we would be doing community organizing and bringing together both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.”

120613_c_taliaTalia Shifron
Age: 22
College: Indiana University
Major: Legal studies, journalism
Why Repair? “I think it’s a really powerful thing to step back from your life and have 10 months to really dedicate to social action and making a difference.”

120613_c_aviAvi Sunshine
Age: 25
College: University of Pittsburgh
Major: Biology
Why Repair? “I saw this disconnect between the Jewish population of Baltimore and a lot of the ‘bad neighborhoods’ … and I always thought, ‘What would it need to bridge the gap between those neighborhoods?’

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