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Meir Isaacson, 21, was born and raised in Baltimore, where he is working on expanding his business. Oh, that’s right; even though he is only just old enough to drink, Isaacson has already started his own business, Renewal Pressure Washing.

Isaacson studied at Thomas Edison State University and in Tiferet Jerusalem. Even before college, Isaacson was interested in projects where he could get his hands on the work. He’s worked as a handyman, project manager, and contractor.

He is also a fan of both football and Maimonides, the famous medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher.

Why did you start Renewal Powerwashing?

I was working a few years back, powerwashing, and I saw the amazing results. I was impressed by the difference you could see. So I wanted to do it myself.

What’s so special about Baltimore?

I’ve always been a big fan of Baltimore. I was born, raised, and lived here, besides the time I was studying in Israel. A bunch of my clients in the year are repeats, and we have a good relationship.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I am in professional development. I am always trying to learn how to do things. I need to keep learning. I also always make sure to exercise four or five times a week. I love football; it’s my favorite sport. I love playing and watching it. And of course I always love to meet new people.

Who would you meet if you could meet any historic Jewish figure?

So first of all, the Rambam. His wisdom and leadership skills changed the world for the better. His writings are brilliant. I like studying them.

Another person, and this one’s a living Jewish figure, would be Mark Zuckerberg, for sure.He’s the owner of Facebook. He runs an international company, and I’m always looking to get better at what I do. That would be great, to talk to those who’ve already accomplished your goals and people that can change the world.

What does your Jewish identity mean to you?

A tremendous amount. It’s a huge part of my life; it impacts every single day of my life and affects every part of my life. I am very proud to be a Jew and part of the Jewish community.

What are you looking forward to as the state reopens?

I’m really excited to take this mask off!

I think it’s enough for me to wear a respirator at work every day. I’m excited to take it off and throw it out.

What are your plans for the next year?

To continue growing the business, to work hard through the day, to get better at what I do, and to build relationships.

The following year I will double all of that.


If you know a young Jewish leader in the Baltimore community (21-40), contact [email protected] to recommend them for a YSK.

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