Mel Brooks To Hit The Twittersphere


With the explosion of Twitter over the past couple of years, something like this was bound to happen.  Comedy Central is partnering with Twitter for a comedy festival played out in 140 characters and six-second videos. #ComedyFest will debut on April 29.  Over five days, famous comedians will tweet jokes and post videos with the recently launched video app Vine, which limits footage to six seconds. Director Judd Appatow will moderate the event.

The virtual comedy fest is not the only part to be excited about.  The festival is also a celebration of 86-year-old iconic comedian Mel Brooks finally getting a Twitter account of his own. On the first day of the festival, Brooks will join the social network and post a link to the live stream. Time will tell if the funnyman can translate his humor onto the social-media platform, but considering how timeless his films are, it should not be a problem.

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