Mixed Identity


Jewish Ritual Practice In Jewish Baltimore

Percent of households in which a household member:

* Lights Chanukah Candles: 75 percent

* Attends a Passover Seder: 76 percent

* Fasts on Yom Kippur: 65 percent

* Lights Shabbat Candles: 36 percent

* Keeps Kosher In the Home: 26 percent

Source: 2010 Greater Baltimore Jewish Community Study

How Baltimore Lines Up
Jerusalem U Survey vs. 2010 Greater Baltimore Jewish Community Study

* 45 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds attended a Jewish day school; 40 percent of children in Jewish Baltimore are enrolled in a Jewish day school

* 65 percent of Jerusalem U respondents say, “Judaism is central to my life”; 74 percent of Baltimore respondents say “being Jewish is very important” to them

 Meredith Jacobs is managing editor of JT’s sister publication, Washington Jewish Week.


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