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Hogan Dominates
Maryland joins most of nation in red-tinged upset
By Heather Norris and Marc Shapiro
110714_coverstory_smReal estate executive Larry Hogan made history Tuesday night, riding a wave of rural and middle-class support to victory as Maryland’s second Republican governor in nearly half a century. CONTINUE>>

Firefighting, the Israeli Way
American firefighters learn Israeli tactics in training for Emergency Volunteers Project
By Marc Shapiro
110714_evp_smA dozen firefighters had to rethink their longstanding approaches to structural fires as they learned how the Israelis do it. CONTINUE>>

Small but Strong: Jews in Western Maryland
B’er Chayim Temple in Cumberland rededicates its strength after 150 years
By Melissa Gerr
110714_synagogue_smWith its claim of being the oldest continually operating synagogue in Maryland and the only one in the city of Cumberland, B’er Chayim Temple, thanks to the perseverance of its small but dedicated community and generous funding from the Sara (Feldstein) Ridgway and John Ridgway Trust, is celebrating its 150-year-old structure’s much-needed facelift with a series of weekend events. CONTINUE>>

Out of the Loop
Baltimore converts reflect on the experience
By Simone Ellin
110714_annapolis_smIn 2012, when Rita Kaufman Grindle’s now 17-year-old daughter Maura wanted to join her North America Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) group on an Eisen-drath Israel Experience (EIE) program, Grindle sought financial assistance from The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore as well as the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. CONTINUE>>

Jews By Choice
Baltimore converts reflect on the experience
By Heather Norris
For one Baltimore woman, the high cost of Washington, D.C., rent spared her a conversion experience with now-infamous Rabbi Barry Freundel, who was arrested last month on charges of voyeurism. CONTINUE>>

Can We Rise Above the Muck?

By Joshua Runyan
2013_Runyan_-JoshSo much has been written since last week’s revelation that an unnamed Obama administration official used a barnyard epithet to impugn the reputation and political ability of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that I will not add my own denunciation — however justified it might be — to the thousands of words already out there condemning the White House for what is at best a gross breach of diplomatic etiquette. CONTINUE>>


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