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I did not read the JT’s Sept. 16 editorial “J Street Crosses the Line,” but I do have remarks on Dr. Robert O. Freedman’s Sept. 30 letter on the subject.

Contrary to what much of the media reports, little if any construction is in expansion of settlements. It is additional construction within already existing settlements. These  settlements are fully legal by international law.

Even if it were expansion, the settlements are not the barrier to a two-state solution or to peace between Israel and the Palestinians/Arabs. If that were true, there would have been peace prior to 1967. The obstacle to peace is that any Jewish presence in the Mideast is unacceptable as per Hamas, Hezbollah, Abbas, etc. See any number of quotes by them.

As for Freedman’s claim that a majority of American Jews oppose settlement expansion, I have seen surveys and polls that point both ways on this. A definitive claim cannot be made one way or the other.

J Street apparently lives by a philosophy of giving land for peace. One needs look no further than the Gaza fiasco to see how false that is.


  1. “These settlements are fully legal by international law.” That is just untrue. The settlements are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Maybe the JT thinks the letters to the editor section might not be the place for fact checking, but it is sad to see such a lie in print.


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