More Than 1,000 Democratic Women in Maryland Back Van Hollen


We, the undersigned, staunch Democrats and feminists, support the mission of EMILY’s List to elect pro-choice women to office in local, state and national positions.

But we are also united by our shared commitment to electing the most outstanding candidates to political office — candidates who have a successful track record of effecting change on the many issues that matter to us. That is why we unequivocally and wholeheartedly support Rep. Chris Van Hollen to succeed Sen. Barbara Mikulski as the next senator from Maryland.

Chris Van Hollen has represented Maryland’s 8th Congressional District with distinction since 2003. He is a very effective legislator with a significant track record of consistently delivering to the people of the State of Maryland.

Among his many accomplishments, Rep. Van Hollen:

  • Has earned 100 percent ratings from Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro Choice America, and the American Association of University Women every year since his election to Congress.
  • Helped pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which became the first bill signed into law by President Obama in 2009.
  • Has been a leader in the fight for reasonable measures to protect our communities against senseless gun violence, including authoring legislation to help states implement handgun purchaser licensing laws, and passing Maryland’s built-in trigger lock law — the first in the country.
  • Introduced legislation that requires the federal government to fully fund cornerstone federal education programs in order to expand opportunities for students, reduce class sizes, and provide more resources to those who need it most.
  • As the senior Democrat on the Budget Committee since 2011, has introduced budgets that represent our democratic values and support women and families.
  • In Annapolis, was a key player in the passage of legislation that overhauled school funding formulas to steer additional resources to Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and other jurisdictions.

Conversely, Chris Van Hollen’s opponent, Donna Edwards, has no demonstrable legislative achievements in her nearly eight years in the House of Representatives. She has a reputation for poor constituent services and just last year was ranked the least effective Democrat by


Rep. Van Hollen is the most qualified candidate to become Maryland’s next senator and we urge you to join us on Primary Day, April 26th, in voting for Chris Van Hollen for U.S. Senate.


Anne Abend Rockville
Cecily Abram Bethesda
Fran Abrams Rockville
Cathy Abramson Chevy Chase
Lynn Abramson Maple Lawn-Fulton
Pennie Abramson Potomac
Shari Abramson North Bethesda
Amanda Abramson Posner Bethesda
Deborah T. Adams Severna Park
Janet T. Addeo Columbia
Esthy Adler Chevy Chase
Monica Adler Chevy Chase
Rise Ain Chevy Chase
Kathy Allan Annapolis
Linda M. Allen Silver Spring
Vicki Almond Reisterstown
Lois Alperstein Potomac
Joan Alpert Rockville
Teresa Alpert Owings Mills
Rosalie Alter Pikesville
Nancy Altman Potomac
Carol Anderson Bethesda
Patty Andringa Bethesda
Sharon Apfel Potomac
Ann Argaman Silver Spring
Janet Argentiero Potomac
Ramona Arnett Potomac
Judith B. Arnoff Laurel
Cindy Aron Chevy Chase
Nancy Arons Chevy Chase
Debra Aronson Edgewater
Dee Aronson Marriottsville
Ayesha Arora-Sharma Gaithersburg
Lila Asher Chevy Chase
Lyda Astrove Rockville
Marjorie Aug Chevy Chase
Pearl Axelrad Bethesda
Margaret Ayers Bethesda
Jane Bachner Annapolis
Martha Bair Steinbock Columbia
Fay L. Baker Elkridge
M. Baker Bethesda
Ricki Baker Baltimore City
Lori Baker-Gurvitch North Bethesda
Kate Baldwin Bethesda
Marion S. Ballard Bethesda
Elizabeth Banach Columbia
Jane Bandler Bethesda
Cindy Bank Chevy Chase
Susan Bank Chevy Chase
Susan Baron Chevy Chase
Nancy B. Barskey Bethesda
Mary Bartlett Chevy Chase
Roberta Baruch N. Bethesda
Betsy Bassan Kensington
Barbara Basuk Ship Rockville
Nancy Batson Chevy Chase
Judy Beach-Uhlman Kensington
Mae A. Beale Columbia
Barbara Bealor Hines Silver Spring
Bonnie Beavers Chevy Chase
Gabriela Bebchick Bethesda
Kathryn Becker Bethesda
Barbara Bednarzik Columbia
Ann Beegle Baltimore County
Pam Beer Columbia
Julie Begun Bethesda
Janice Beinart Gaithersburg
Arlene Bekman Stevenson
Judy Bell Baltimore
Julie Bellonte Arnold
May Benatar Silver Spring
Elizabeth Benefiel Kensington
Alison W. Bennett Potomac
Jan Bennett Bethesda
Joan Bennett Fairhaven
Ruth Bergman Silver Spring
Jane C. Bergner Bethesda
Carole S. Berke Chevy Chase
Georgeann A. Berkinshaw Annapolis
Johanna Berkson Bethesda
Joan Berman Chevy Chase
Devorah Berman Potomac
Mary Ann Bernald Bethesda
Cathy Bernard Chevy Chase
Barbara Bershon Leonardtown
Abby Beytin Reisterstown
Anula Bhusry Germantown
Julie Bindeman Gaithersburg
Sherry Bindeman Somerset
Janice Bird Edgewater
Jandy Blaine Potomac
Daphne Bloomberg Potomac
Janet M. Boardman Bethesda
Liz Bobo Columbia
Mary Boergers Oakland
Hindy Bogner-Orenstein Rockville
Marjorie Bohi Bethesda
Karen Bokat Chevy Chase
Karen Bonnie Eaton Silver Spring
Winnie Borden Baltimore
Robin G. Bortnick Rockville
Penny Boughn Ellicott City
Dana Boyd Bethesda
Angie Boyter Ellicott City
Marilyn Bracken Chevy Chase
Francie Brady Bethesda
Roslyn Brandon Rockville
Rose Marie Bratland Bethesda
Brenda Bregman Bethesda
Liz Brennan Kensington
Nancy Brenner Chevy Chase
Lynne Brenner Ganek Bethesda
Joanne Brodsky Potomac
Jessica Bronfein Baltimore
Renee Bronfein Ades Baltimore
Toby Brookes Columbia
Erica Brown Silver Spring
Carole Brown Annapolis
Elise Browne Hughes Bethesda
Arlene P. Bruhn Bethesda
Deborah Bruskin Bethesda
Kathleen Buffon Chevy Chase
Susan Burger Silver Spring
Susan Burkart Lutherville
Beth Burke Potomac
Susan L. Burke Baltimore
Janice Burne Potomac
Ellen Burstyn Rockville
Evelyn Burton Potomac
Sharon Butler Silver Spring
Yvette Butler-Yeboah Silver Spring
Linda Button Chevy Chase
Sue Byrnes Chevy Chase
Hannah Lee Byron Owings Mills
Donna Callejon Garrett Park
Jane Cantor Bethesda
Connie Caplan Ruxton
Leslie J. Caplan Chevy Chase
Carol J. Carlson Columbia
Caren Carney Edgewater
Francoise Carrier North Bethesda
Bonnie Casper Potomac
Erin Castleberry Davidsonville
Maureen Cavaiola Severna Park
Jean Cavanaugh Silver Spring
Laura Cecala Bethesda
Geraldine Chen Rockville
Lynette Cheo Kensington
Jill Chobani Chevy Chase
Mary Clapsaddle Arnold
Courtney Clark Pastrick Bethesda
Fran Clay Columbia
Carol Clayton Takoma Park
Anne Clemons Potomac
Tara Balfe Clifford Edgewater
Susan Cochran Edgewater
Diane Cockrell Damascus
Sandy Cogan Rockville
Marlene Cohen Silver Spring
Wendy Cohen Bethesda
Deborah A. Cohn Bethesda
Tracey Cole Montgomery Village
Rebecca R. Coleman Potomac
Robin Coleman Potomac
Naomi F. Collins Edgemoor
Ruth Conant Potomac
Robin Confino Gaithersburg
Grace G. Connelly Lutherville
Mary Connelly Chevy Chase
Diana Conway Potomac
Veronica Cool Carroll County
Ellen Cooper Rockville
Rita S. Corwin Bethesda
Wendy Cossman Potomac
Suzanne Costilo Takoma Park
Katherine Cowan Kensington
Joanne Crantz Potomac
Lynn Creecy Olney
Rose Crenca Silver Spring
Helen Crettier Wilkes Kensington
Diane Cross Chevy Chase
Kristi Cruzat North Bethesda
Genya Currens Hopkins Baltimore City
Laura Cutler Bethesda
Elizabeth Dahan Potomac
Miriam Daniel Chevy Chase
Dotz Darrah Sherwood Forest
A. Penny Dash Bethesda
Wicca Davidson Chevy Chase
Katherine Davies Bethesda
Linda Demlo Chevy Chase
Beth Denniston Shady Side
Rebecca DerSimonian Potomac
Joyce DeVilbiss Silver Spring
Janie DeVries Chevy Chase
Mahnaz Diba Chevy Chase
Harriet Diener North Bethesda
Zola Dincin Schneider Chevy Chase
Karen Dissin de Guise Bethesda
Adrienne Dominguez Bethesda
Betty Dooley Gaithersburg
Sharon Dooley Olney
Nancy Dorman Baltimore
Lorraine Driscoll Bethesda
Helene Dubov North Bethesda
Norma Dugger Bethesda
Laurie Duker Silver Spring
Marilynn Duker Baltimore
Kathleen M. Dumais Rockville
Julie Dunlap Columbia
Louise Dunlap Tracy’s Landing
Pamela Dunn Silver Spring
Jenny Sue Dunner Chevy Chase
Isabel Dunst Chevy Chase
Erma Durkin Glen Arm
Bunny Dwin Chevy Chase
Carol Dymond Gaithersburg
Lin Eagan Columbia
Hope Eastman Kensington
Barbara Ebel Olney
Debra Egan Kensington
Nancy Eig Bethesda
Eileen Eisen N. Bethesda
Patty Eisen Silver Spring
Miriam Eisenstein Chevy Chase
Arie Eisner Columbia
Fern Eisner Columbia
Linda Elbaz Bethesda
Geri Elias Bethesda
Suzanne Ellian Chevy Chase
Jeanne Ellinport Rockville
Marjorie Elson Chevy Chase
Crystal D. Emery Columbia
Eileen Engel Clarksville
Margaret Engel Bethesda
Judy Engelberg Somerset
Rosie Engman Silver Spring
Kathy Epstein Baltimore City
Vivian Escobar-Stack Rockville
Susan Esserman Bethesda
Janice Faden Bethesda
Barbara Faigen Potomac
Jane Fairweather Bethesda
Kay Fandetti Columbia
Natali Fani-Gonzalez Wheaton
Eve Farber Bethesda
Ronnie Farber Potomac
Sharon Farber Silver Spring
Marilyn Farley Potomac
Caroline Fawcett Chevy Chase
Norma Fedder Bethesda
Elaine Feidelman Bethesda
Diane S. Feinberg Bethesda
Suzanne Feinstein Potomac
Debbie Feinstein Bethesda
Antonia Feldman Kensington
Ginny Feldman Bethesda
Stefanie D. Feldman Columbia
Wendy Feldman Block Bethesda
Jeanette Feldner Wheaton
Miriam JoAnn Felix Odenton
Michelle Fernando Rockville
Stacy Feuer Bethesda
Genine Fidler Baltimore
Sylvia Fielder Jennings Edgewater
Miriam Fields Silver Spring
Edith Fierst Bethesda
Miti Figueredo Silver Spring
Christina Files Chevy Chase
Esther Finklestein Chevy Chase
Debbie Fisch-Sasson Potomac
Carole Fisher Ellicott City
Deborah Flack Bethesda
Anne Flanigan Emmett Bethesda
Cris Fleming Chevy Chase
Dora Fletcher Silver Spring
Pat Foerster Cockeysville
Arlene Fonaroff Columbia
Laura Forman Silver Spring
Andrea Forster Potomac
Harriette Fox Chevy Chase
Marian Fox Columbia
Pat Fox Chevy Chase
Sharon Fox Bethesda
Jeanie Fox Lazerov Highland
Barbara Franklin Chevy Chase
Guila Franklin Siegel Potomac
Elaine Freeman Ruxton
Lucy Freeman Chevy Chase
Susan Freeman McGee Bethesda
Carol Fried Rockville
Judith Fried Bethesda
Judy Frieder Starrels Chevy Chase
Carol Friedhoffer Columbia
Lianne Friedman Montgomery Village
Linda H. Friedman Gaithersburg
Suzan Friedman Bethesda
Sue Friedman Gordon Potomac
Wendy Frosh North Bethesda
Barbara Frush Beltsville
Marian Fryer Wheaton
Natalie Funk Columbia
Tracey Furman Kensington
Debora Gagneten Potomac
Tawanna Gaines Berwyn Heights
Leslie Galen Rockville
Laura Gamble Baltimore
Rhoda Ganz Rockville
Bonnie Garrett Bethesda
Suzanne R. Geckle Sykesville
Susie Gelman Chevy Chase
Robin B. Gerber Bethesda
Nancy Gertner Baltimore
Robin Gibbs Wilder Chevy Chase
Linda Gikas Chevy Chase
Susan D. Gilbert Takoma Park
Suzan Gildenhorn Rockville
Rachel L. Gildiner Silver Spring
Arlene Gillis Columbia
Rochelle Ginsburg Columbia
Catherine R. Gira Columbia
Angela Gitelson Dixson Rockville
Nancy Gittleson Potomac
Lennie Gladstone Bethesda
Margery Gluck Pikesville
Susan Glynn Bethesda
Ellen Gold North Bethesda
Ellen Goldberg Laurel
Barbara Goldberg Goldman Bethesda
Myrna Goldenberg Bethesda
Elissa Goldfarb Potomac
Katie Goldfarb Potomac
Marilyn Goldfarb Silver Spring
Marjory Goldman Potomac
Deborah Goldman Bethesda
Margaret Goldsborough Garrett Park
Ellen M. Goldstein Potomac
Helane Goldstein Chevy Chase
Melanie Goldstein Silver Spring
Lena Goldweber Bethesda
Amy Golen Bethesda
Gertrude Gordon Bethesda
Jamie S. Gorelick Chevy Chase
Sara Gorfinkel North Potomac
Linda Gossack Astor Potomac
Sherri Gottlieb Rockville
Judy Gottsagen Columbia
Tamah Graber Rockville
Judith Graef Bethesda
Janice Graham Galena
Jill Granader Bethesda
Allison Green Potomac
Carol Lynn Green Bethesda
Linda Green Potomac
Lynn K. Green Rocky Gorge
Michelle Erica Green Potomac
Joan Greenbaum Bethesda
Gail Greenberg Silver Spring
Joyce Greenberg Potomac
Cate Greene Annapolis
Jane D. Greene Potomac
Nancy Greenspan Bethesda
Marilyn Greenwood Rockville
Barbara Gregg Bethesda
Abby Gritz North Potomac
Judith Grollman Rockville
Helen Gross Silver Spring
Laurie Gross Bethesda
Nancy Grunley Bethesda
Georgia Guhin Chevy Chase
Jane Gustafson Silver Spring
Ana Sol Gutierrez Chevy Chase
Harriett Guttenberg Rockville
Susan Guyaux Crownsville
Suzanne Gwiazda Chevy Chase
Nancy Haas Baltimore
Ronnie N. Haber Chevy Chase
Betsey Haddad Chevy Chase
Betty Hafner Gaithersburg
Barbara Haggh-Huglo Silver Spring
Robin Hall Reisterstown
Judith Hallett Bethesda
Susan Hamburger Chevy Chase
Bonnie Hammerschlag Bethesda
Holly Hand Potomac
Tamara Handelsman Chevy Chase
Robin Hanerfeld Bethesda
Bonita Hanes Bethesda
Joanna Hanes-Lahr Annapolis
Dorothy Harris Columbia
Patricia Hartge Chevy Chase
Susan Hasten Bethesda
Susan Hatch Cabin John
Virginia Hatcher Friendship Heights
Nancy Havlik Bethesda
Judith B. Heimann Bethesda
Kay Helgesen Derwood
Susan Heltemes Silver Spring
Rochelle Helzner Chevy Chase
Barbara Henry Silver Spring
Claudia Henteleff Bethesda
Ellen Herscowitz Bethesda
Francie Hester Silver Spring
Shelly Hettleman Baltimore
Robin Hettleman Weinberg Bethesda
Mary Hewes Bethesda
Kim Hiller Bethesda
Barbara Hines Silver Spring
Rachel Hirschberg Bethesda
Barbara Hoffman Baltimore City
Susan Hoffmann Rockville
Barbara Hoffstein Annapolis
Anne Hollander Bethesda
Paula Hollinger Baltimore
Wilma Holmes Olney
Yasmin Holsey Ellicott City
Joy Holtzman Adler Bethesda
Lisa Horwitz Chevy Chase
Rosalie Horwitz Gross Chevy Chase
Lynne Hottell Bethesda
Pat Huecker Crofton
Heidi Hughes Bumpers Cabin John
Mary Humphries Baltimore
Dianne Hunt Takoma Park
Helen-Louise Hunter Bethesda
Gail Hyman Potomac
Dedun Ingram Bethesda
Elizabeth Anne Irving Germantown
Meghan Elizabeth Irving Gaithersburg
Terry Irwin Potomac
Lesley Israel Royal Oak
Deidre N. Jackson Upper Marlboro
Eileen Jacobs Feldman Bethesda
Mary Jeffers Silver Spring
Ayah Johnson Chevy Chase
Jean Johnson Bethesda
Kay Johnson Silver Spring
Valerie Johnson Brinklow
Andrea Jolly North Bethesda
Elizabeth L. Jones Columbia
Martha C. Jones Chevy Chase
Sola Jones Columbia
Charlotte Jones-Carroll Chevy Chase
Ann Joseph Bethesda
Karen Judson Bethesda
Deb Jung Columbia
Rochelle Kabran Columbia
Linda Kacser Rockville
Cheryl Kagan Rockville
Dorothy B. Kagen Silver Spring
Ellen Kagen Waghelstein Rockville
Helene Kahan Silver Spring
Judith B. Kahn Chevy Chase
Wendy L. Kahn Bethesda
Anne Kaiser Silver Spring
Joan Kalin Silver Spring
Esther Kane Bethesda
Robin Kanter Potomac
Barbara Kaplan Columbia
Beth Kaplan Baltimore City
Valerie Kaplan Laurel
Joan Kaplan Mostow Bethesda
Lori Kassoff Columbia
Betsey Katiti Silver Spring
Hattie Katkow Columbia
Arlene Katz Gaithersburg
Audrey Katz Silver Spring
Paula Katz Owings Mills
Fran Katz Watson Chevy Chase
Joan Kaufman Bethesda
Nan Kaufman Chevy Chase
Amy Kaufman Goott Bethesda
Nancy R. Kay Potomac
Susan Kay Potomac
Lauretta Keegan Bethesda
Linda Keely Takoma Park
Marcella Kehr Middle River
Suellen Keiner Chevy Chase
Lois Kelberman Annapolis
Delores G. Kelley Baltimore County
Stacy Kerr Wooters Bethesda
Cookie Kerxton Chevy Chase
Barbara Kesler Timonium
Morton Kesler Timonium
Emily L. Kesser Rockville
Almina Khorakiwala Potomac
Leslie B. Kiernan Chevy Chase
Nancy King Germantown
Susan King Chevy Chase
Vicki King Taitano Silver Spring
Marguerite J. Kingston Chevy Chase
Marian Kisch Chevy Chase
Denise Kitashima Dutton Baltimore City
Jessica Klaitman Baltimore
Ann Klein Columbia
Eileen Koenigsberg Towson
Rochelle Kohn Columbia
Marcia Kolko Silver Spring
Nancy Kopp Bethesda
Raya Koren Annapolis
Rebecca Korman Bethesda
Elaine Kotell Binder Bethesda
Elley Kott Chevy Chase
Myra Kovey Chevy Chase
Diana Kozuch Rockville
Doris Kraemer Potomac
Juliette Kragh Edgewater
Bonnie S Kramer Brookeville
Harri Kramer Bethesda
Rose Krasnow Rockville
Katherine Krents Bethesda
Marilyn Kresky-Wolff Potomac
Jocelyn Krifcher Potomac
Yael Krifcher Potomac
Galit Krifcher Potomac
Ruth Krifcher Potomac
Daphna Krim Bethesda
Barbara Kritzer Potomac
Diane Kupelian Bethesda
Corinne Kuypers-Denlinger Gaithersburg
Joanne Kyros Chevy Chase
Ann Labriola Bethesda
Susan Laing Silver Spring
Judy LaKind Catonsville
Susan Land Bethesda
Judith Landau Chevy Chase
Sarah Landon Baltimore City
Patricia Lasher Baltimore
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi Potomac
Pearl Laufer Columbia
Gloria Lawlah Temple Hills
Margy Lawrence Potomac
Ellen Lazar Silver Spring
Christine M. Leahy Chevy Chase
Elaine Leaverton Arnold
Lainy LeBow-Sachs Baltimore
April LeClair Chang Rockville
Karen Leder Bethesda
Christine Lee Savage
N. Minh Lee Chevy Chase
Susan C. Lee Bethesda
Martha Lee Randall Silver Spring
Cindy Lefkowitz Bethesda
Catherine Leggett Burtonsville
Belinda Lehman Potomac
Penelope Lemov Bethesda
Elissa Leonard Chevy Chase
Bel Leong Hong Gaithersburg
Nancy Leopold Bethesda
Agnes Leshner Potomac
Jill Lesser Chevy Chase
Karen Levenson Potomac
Carol Levin Chevy Chase
Ellen Levin Columbia
Faye D. Levin Bethesda
Francie Levin Baltimore
Marci Levin Chevy Chase
Marian Levine Silver Spring
Barbara Levitt Chevy Chase
Marilyn Levitt Chevy Chase
Liza Levy Potomac
Rosalyn Levy Jonas Bethesda
Marion Lewin Chevy Chase
Caroline Lewis Potomac
Karen Lewis Young Frederick
Marilyn Lichtman Rockville
Carol Liebesman Columbia
Diane Liebman Bethesda
Roberta Liebman Chevy Chase
Connie Lierman Bethesda
Lucy Liff Arnold
Enid Light Bethesda
Beth Lime Arnold
Dara Lindenbaum Rockville
Mary Lindner Boughn Ellicott City
Hannah L. Lipman Chevy Chase
Linda R. Lipson Bethesda
Adrienne W. Lis Edgemoor
Susan M. Liss Chevy Chase
Aviva Litan Potomac
Deborah G. Litt Chevy Chase
Susan Loewy North Potomac
Margery London Bethesda
Jeanne Longford Ellicott City
Sandi Lovinger Rockville
Alice Lowenthal Bethesda
Janet Lowenthal Chevy Chase
Susan Luger Rockville
Prudence Lyle Shady Side
Beth Lyle-Durham Chevy Chase
Helen Lynch Potomac
Mary Lyons Columbia
Eileen M. Lavine Bethesda
Kathleen MacDonald Corey Chevy Chase
Margaret MacGlashan Chevy Chase
Ginger Macomber Potomac
Lori Maggin Bethesda
Fairlie Maginnes Chevy Chase
Jane Malish Chevy Chase
Caryn Malkus Potomac
Tina Manatos Bethesda
Adrienne Mandel Silver Spring
Lisa Mandel-Trupp Rockville
Laura Mannheimer Bethesda
Barbara Marblestone Chevy Chase
Janice Marcus Silver Spring
Beverly Marcus Edgewater
Sally Marcus Katz Gaithersburg
Sherri Marder Pikesville
Lucretia Marmon Chevy Chase
Abigail Marshall Chevy Chase
Tina M. Martin North Bethesda
Maria Martinez Baltimore County
Marilyn Mason Severna Park
Zena Mason Chevy Chase
Judy Mathwin Rockville
Andrea Matles Savada Bethesda
Jo-Ann Mayer Orlinsky Baltimore
Barbara McConagha Bethesda
Nancy McCord Columbia
Mary Ellen McGrath Churchton
Margy McHale Gaithersburg
Maggie McIntosh Baltimore City
Donna McMillan Silver Spring
Mary McQueen Olney
Sandi Medlin Bethesda
Serena Mehra Rockville
Barbara Meiklejohn Rockville
Johanna Mendelson Forman Bethesda
Kathleen Meredith Chevy Chase
Jane Merkin Chevy Chase
Natalie Merkur Rose Potomac
Lu Merrick Kensington
Pamela Mertz Bethesda
Susan Messitte St. Mary’s City
Frans Meuwissen Chevy Chase
Mary F. Meyerson Rockville
Caroline Michaelis Chevy Chase
Leslie Miles Bethesda
Monique Milhollin Chevy Chase
Debra Millenson North Bethesda
Barbara Miller Fairhaven
Marion Miller Columbia
Melanie Miller Annapolis
Roberta Miller Columbia
Virginia D. Miller Cambridge
Sara Mills Mazie Chevy Chase
Carole S. Minor Chevy Chase
Jodi Mintzer Krame Potomac
Johanna Misey Boyer Silver Spring
Heather R, Mizeur Chestertown
Amanda Modlin North Bethesda
Evelyn Mogren Columbia
Cheryl Mohr Edgewater
Marijane Monck Columbia
Ann Montalbano Toch Chevy Chase
Cheryl Morden Takoma Park
Susan Morganstein Chevy Chase
Lynn Morrison Venetoulis Baltimore County
Lizbeth Moses Bethesda
Nancy Moses Potomac
Ellie Moses Schuchman Silver Spring
Judith Moylan-Forman Severna Park
Andrea Murtha Kensington
Herlene Nagler Bethesda
Luzie Nahr Bethesda
Naomi Naierman Chevy Chase
Phyllis Nash Columbia
Susan Nash Saint Mary’s City
Nancy Navarro Silver Spring
Susan Ness Bethesda
Susan B. Nestler Towson
Mary Jo Neville Dayton
Judith Newman Chevy Chase
Michael Niakani N. Potomac
Ann Nichols Chevy Chase
Mary Janet Normandy Bethesda
Linda Norris-Waldt Middletown
Nur Nossuli Potomac
Judy Novenstein Potomac
Joy Nurmi Olney
Marcia Nusgart Bethesda
Susan Nussbaum Bethesda
Helen D. Nuttall Columbia
Catherine O’Donnell Chevy Chase
Sue O’Hara Rockville
Loreene O’Neill de Jesus Baltimore City
Pat O’Rourke Chevy Chase
Alvee Ocampo Rockville
Mary Odyniec Chevy Chase
Susan Ogden Takoma Park
Regina L. Oldak Bethesda
Joan Oliver Columbia
Lynn Olson Silver Spring
Judith Oppenheim Bethesda
Catherine Orme Cabin John
Sima Osdoby Rockville
Elissa Oshinsky Chevy Chase
Tedi S. Osias Chevy Chase
Candace Ourisman Bethesda
Winkie Overton Crofton
Julie Oxley Chevy Chase
Cynthia Page Silver Spring
Joanna Pappafotis Kensington
Lisa Parzow Potomac
Helen Patton Silver Spring
Andi Pearl Bethesda
Nancy Peavy Chevy Chase
Susan Penix Annapolis
Toba Penny Rockville
Teddi Pensinger Potomac
Anissa Perez Silver Spring
Marsha Perry Crofton
Molly Peter Chevy Chase
Paula Peters Annapolis
Margaret Philleo Bethesda
Marilyn Piety Silver Spring
Barbara Pittman Davidsonville
Gail Pitts Silver Spring
Libby Pohoryles Bethesda
Ellen H. Pollack Bethesda
Annabel Poms Bethesda
Jennifer Powers Bethesda
Mary Louise Preis Baltimore
Leni Preston Bethesda
Lily Qi Potomac
Sharon Quarles Bethesda
Mary Radack Kensington
Francine Raizes Chevy Chase
Marsha Ramsay Baltimore
Janice Rasmussen Bethesda
Clem Rastatter Bethesda
Margaret Rauh Shady Side
Karen Ravitz Silver Spring
Pamela Raymont-Simpson Chevy Chase
Ursala Rehn Wolfman Bethesda
Connie Reider Annapolis
Sylvia Reis Bethesda
Ann-Marie Remillard Millersville
Adi Renbaum Bethesda
Phyllis Rice Columbia
Leslie Ries Baltimore
Jennifer Riggleman Laurel
Cathy Riley Harford County
Gail Riley Manchester
Sandy Rinck Bowie
Alana Riss Fine Silver Spring
Rachel Z. Ritvo Kensington
Donna Roberts Bethesda
Laura Roberts Bethesda
Joann Robertson Bethesda
Julia Robertson Bethesda
Sandra Robinson Silver Spring
Shelley G Robinson Bethesda
Ellen S. Rodin Chevy Chase
June A. Rogul North Bethesda
Sara Rohde Calverton
Sally Roman Kensington
Paula Rome Baltimore
Stephanie Roodman Chevy Chase
Anna Rosario Olney
Norma Rose Columbia
Sally Rosenberg Chevy Chase
Shelly Rosenberg Potomac
Tsippora Rosenberg Potomac
Meryl Rosenberg Potomac
Jacqueline Rosenberg London Bethesda
Flo Rosenblum Kensington
Susan Rosenblum Bethesda
Dana Rosenfeld Bethesda
Deborah Rosenstein Rockville
Beth Rosenthal Bethesda
Amy Ross Bethesda
Suzanne Ross McDowell Bethesda
Jeri Roth Silver Spring
Lois Roth Gaithersburg
Fran Rothstein Silver Spring
Wendy Royalty Ellicott City
Tricia Rubacky Baltimore
Terry Rubenstein Baltimore
Elizabeth Rudin Toretsky Silver Spring
Carol Ann Rudolph Bethesda
Molly Q. Ruhl Chevy Chase
Barbara Russell Columbia
Laure Ruth Pikesville
Helen Ruther Columbia
Joyce Sachs Chevy Chase
Sheila K. Sachs Baltimore
Helene Sacks Bethesda
Diane Sahr Bethesda
Laura Salganik Columbia
Andrea Samborn Potomac
Arlene Samowitz Silver Spring
Renée Sandell Bethesda
Froma Sandler Potomac
Peggy Sange Severna Park
Suzanne Sangree Baltimore City
Terri Sanker Potomac
Hannah Sassoon Rockville
Patty H. Satisky Owings Mills
Rosemary W Saumweber Silver Spring
Lois Savler Fields Silver Spring
Ronnie Sax Potomac
Mita M. Schaffer North Bethesda
Sue Schaffer Columbia
Gretchen Schafft Silver Spring
Joyce Schaul Silver Spring
Kim Schifrin Bethesda
Gail Schimel Columbia
Barbara Schlaff Baltimore
Yvonne Schlafstein Distenfeld Rockville
Brenda G. Schmand Bethesda
Gail Schneider Tracy’s Landing
Gail N Schneider Tracy’s Landing
Joyce Schneider Potomac
Margaret Schoap Germantown
Dee Schofield Silver Spring
Susan L. Schor Bethesda
Lori Schor Ulanow Potomac
Kay Schultz Jefferson
Barbara Schuyler Columbia
Estelle D. Schwalb Potomac
Gail Schwartz Chevy Chase
Joyce Schwartz Chevy Chase
Rhea Schwartz Chevy Chase
Edith Segree Arnold
Roslynn Seidenstein Silver Spring
Laura Semititsky Rockville
Joanna Sexter Rockville
Claire L. Shapiro Bethesda
Robin Shapiro Rockville
Carolyn Shargel Potomac
Meera Sharma North Potomac
Elly Shaw-Belblidia Gaithersburg
Leslie Shedlin Bethesda
Mary A. Sheehan Chevy Chase
Arlene Sheff Columbia
Katherine R. Sheinkman Bethesda
Ann Sherman Rockville
Iris Sherman Chevy Chase
Nancy Sherman Kensington
Robin Sherman Chevy Chase
Emilly Shetty Kensington
Margaret Shiling Sharfstein Baltimore City
Lisa Shofnos Potomac
Harriett Shugarman Bethesda
Barbara Siegel Bethesda
Joyce Siegel Rockville
Laura Siegel Potomac
Madeleine Sigel Bethesda
Hilary Sigmon Chevy Chase
Mary Silva Silver Spring
Sherie Silverman Potomac
Karen Simon Bethesda
Susan Simon Baltimore
Annie Simonian Totah Potomac
Patricia Simrell Columbia
Mary C. Sing Kensington
Ina Singer Pikesville
Jana Singer Bethesda
Toby Singer Chevy Chase
Anne Slattery Healy Bethesda
Rita Sloan Hyattsville
Cynthia G. Smith Ellicott City
Jennifer Smith Kensington
Patricia M. Smith Bethesda
Suzy Smith Annapolis
Rebecca Smondrowski Gaithersburg
Marianne Smythe Chevy Chase
Marlene Snyder Chevy Chase
Phyllis Solomon Potomac
Wendy Somerville Wall Bethesda
Cindy Souza Bethesda
Amanda Spake Churchton
Leslie Speisman Potomac
Danielle Spiegler Bethesda
Emily Spitzer Bethesda
Ruth Spodak Chevy Chase
LuAnne Spurrell Bethesda
Mary Louise Spurrier Columbia
Maris St. Cyr East Baltimore
Angelika C. Stablow Kensington
Holly Stallworth Silver Spring
Melissa Stanton Davidsonville
Jennifer Stapleton Cheverly
Jennifer Steciak Columbia
Eileen Stein Shady Side
MaryEllen Stein Silver Spring
Leah Steinberg North Bethesda
Merle Steiner Bethesda
Lucy Y. Steinitz Baltimore
Karen Stempel Potomac
Nicki Stenzler Columbia
Betsy Stephens Chevy Chase
Mary Lou Steptoe Chevy Chase
Carol Stern Chevy Chase
Sally Sternbach Rockville
Sue Sternheimer Columbia
Meg Stevens Bethesda
Ferrier R. Stillman Baltimore
Karen Stokes Baltimore
Tina Stoll Bethesda
Anne Stone Mitchellville
Anita Stopak Silver Spring
Jan Stovall Takoma Park
Barbara Studwell Silver Spring
Amy Subar Potomac
Carole Sugarman Chevy Chase
Holly Sullivan Kensington
Cathy Sulzberger Chevy Chase
Nancy Suniewick Silver Spring
Ann Suydam Bethesda
Susan Tabach Rockville
Joanne Tanner Bethesda
Judy Templeton Annapolis
Jane Teslik Chevy Chase
Betsy Thomas Silver Spring
Virginia Thomas Columbia
Becky Timmons Bethesda
Phoebe Tobin Ellicott City
Beth Tomasello Chevy Chase
Julia Tossell Rockville
Cathy Trebelhorn Crofton
Marna Tucker Chevy Chase
Joan Turek Harwood
Susan Turnbull Bethesda
Veronica Turner Temple Hills
Margaret Ann Tutwiler. Silver Spring
Lori Ulanow Potomac
Vicki Understein Gaithersburg
Lise Van Susteren Bethesda
Elizabeth Vanegas Bethesda
Joann Vaughan Annapolis
Estelle R. Vernon Potomac
Marcia Verploegen Lewis Annapolis
Barbara B. Wachs Elkridge
Faith Wachsmuth North Potomac
Hope Walker Gaithersburg
Courtenay Wallach Bethesda
Dorothy Walsh Annapolis
Ann Walter Owings Mills
Shani Warner Hyattsville
Sally Warner Watts Potomac
Lynne Warshaw Elkridge
Barbara P. Wasserman Ellicott City
Margot Watson Columbia
Sara Watson Silver Spring
Janet Waxman Bethesda
Michele Waxman Johnson Mount Airy
Martha Weiman Lutherville
Lynn Weinberg Baltimore
Helene Weiner Columbia
Loribeth Weinstein Cambridge
Alison Weintraub Bethesda
Gerry Weiser Silver Spring
Ruth M. Weisgall Bethesda
Judith Weisman Chevy Chase
Rhonda J. Weiss Silver Spring
Susan Weiss Bethesda
Judith Welles Bethesda
Meredith Wellington Chevy Chase
Marye Wells-Harley Silver Spring
Beryl Wessner Chevy Chase
Carol West Potomac
Ellen West Fredrick
Laurie Wexler Potomac
Bonnie Wicklund Chevy Chase
Rochelle Wiener Potomac
Maryrita Wieners Silver Spring
Diane Willen Catonsville
Susan E. Williams Easton
Alyson Wilson Montgomery Village
Wendy Wilson Potomac
Sally Wingo Baltimore
Barbara Winnik Chevy Chase
Page Winstead Chevy Chase
Jan Wintrol Bethesda
Elaine Wishnow Bethesda
Kay Wisniewski Columbia
Barbara Wolanin Bethesda
Cathryn Wolf Chevy Chase
Ann H. Wolfe Deale
Vanessa Wolfman Bethesda
Andrea Wollock Chevy Chase
Vicki Womack Frink Chevy Chase
Helen Wood Bethesda
Barbara Woodall Chevy Chase
Ginger Woolridge Annapolis
Emily Wurtz Chevy Chase
Deborah Yanoff Rockville
Nancy Yanofsky Bethesda
Kathy Yanuck Wenger Chevy Chase
Allison Yeager Annapolis
Diane Yeager Annapolis
Jessica Yeager Annapolis
Shelley Yerman Chevy Chase
Helen Youth Chevy Chase
Sheri Zaitz-Blotner Chevy Chase
Judith Zassenhaus Bethesda
Lynda Zengerle Bethesda
Judy Zickler Chevy Chase
Sheryll Ziporkin Columbia
Cindy K. Zitelman Rockville
Nancy Zivitz Sussman Somerset
Ruth Zlotowitz Ellicott City
Irene Zuckerman Potomac

Susie Gelman, one of the signers, is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Media ownership group.


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