Mort Klein: Time To Go


To say that “[Mort] Klein and the ZOA are one and the same” (“Million-DollarQuestions,”Nov. 9) is like saying that Cal Ripken played a lot of baseball—a vast understatement.

In the fashion of Middle Eastern tyrants, Klein ran the ZOA the way Yasser Arafat ran the PLO; Hosni Mubarak dominated Egypt; and the al-Assad family controls Syria, complete with elections that are a foregone conclusion. The one big difference, of course, is that the ZOA strongman conducted his [character] assassinations via press release rather than [through] ballistic discharge.

The ouster of this greedy bully will constitute the American Jewish organizational life equivalent of an Arab Spring, and with it, hopefully, the return of the ZOA to its illustrious and honorable origins.

Baruch Shaw
Clarksville, Md.

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