Murder of a Jewish man near Paris reignites fears about antisemitism in France


Cnaan Liphshiz | JTA

The recent murder of a Jewish man near Paris, allegedly by a Muslim man, has reignited concerns about homicidal antisemitism in France — including from Jewish leaders in his native Tunisia.

(Bertrand Guay/AFP via Getty Images)

The alleged killer, Mohamed Dridi, turned himself in to police on Aug. 23 and confessed to having killed Eyal Haddad, 34, three days earlier over a debt of about $100, according to an account shared Monday by the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, a prominent French watchdog group. Dridi and Haddad knew each other and lived in the same apartment complex in Longperrier, a town around 30 miles northeast of Paris, according to the group.

The group’s head, Sammy Ghozlan, says he believes the killing was an antisemitic murder. Ghozlan is a one-time Paris-area police commissioner who moved to Israel in 2015 and believes that French police do not take antisemitism seriously enough.

In the Haddad case, Ghozlan’s allegation is based on multiple posts on social networks by Dridi, he told Qualita, an Israel-based organization that assists immigrants from France to Israel, in a public interview on Tuesday. Dridi wrote about hating France, hating Jews and hating Israel, Ghozlan said.

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