Negative Reaction


Barbara Bloom’s letter, “And Really Mean It” (Aug. 2) … prompted many negative reactions in me. … Bloom assures us that the surveillance and subsequent shooting of Trayvon Martin “was not a racial issue.”  And yet in the exact same letter, we are told that “wise Americans” are right to fear black people because supposedly “black men and drugged black teenagers tend to rob and steal and even kill for drugs.”  So which is it?

Bloom would like us to believe the blatant contradiction that George Zimmerman was right to follow Trayvon Martin specifically because of the color of Trayvon’s skin, yet race played no role in the tragedy of the shooting and killing of this unarmed black teenager.

But my beef here is not with Bloom — although I am saddened but not surprised, that members of my community (Jewish, Baltimore, Maryland, American) would share her point of view.  I am more troubled by the JT giving her the platform [to publish it]. … I strongly urge the JT to reconsider its letter policy.

Nathaniel Balis

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