New Kosher Restaurant Opens Downtown

(Andy Belt)

A new restaurant with a kosher twist has opened its doors in downtown Baltimore and is ready for the bustling lunch crowd.

The Daily Special in Saint Paul Plaza (201 N. Charles St.) is in the former spot that housed Me Latte. Salomon Bemaras, the owner of the new restaurant and other Me Latte locations, said that the concept came into being after the building’s owner, Jonathan Ehrenfeld of Blue Ocean property management, approached him with the idea.

“He wanted to have a good place for his building and for the Jewish community downtown,” Bemaras said. “He knew chef Daniel Neuman and he put us together.” Neuman consulted with Bemaras on the new restaurant.

The restaurant had its official opening on April 26, and Bemaras said that whether people keep kosher or not, they’ve been loving the food, some of which gets switched up every day in keeping with the establishment’s name. The restaurant’s focus is on fresh and fast, keeping in rhythm with the many office workers who could potentially walk through its doors.

The Daily Special is under the supervision of mashgiach Tzvi Weiss and its full-time chef Christina D’Angelo, who helped craft the restaurant’s signature bowls that are made to order. Customers pick a base grain or green and match it with their choice of protein and toppings.

“Christina has been behind a lot of the bowls and ingredients,” Ayelet Dressing, the project manager, told the JT. “She has so much experience, she’s been able to put together these combinations of food with Daniel Neuman’s help.”

Dressing said that the kosher concept may be new for some people not familiar with the dietary restrictions.

“We have heard some feedback that prices are expensive, but what also needs to be remembered is that this is a kosher establishment, so the prices automatically have to be higher,” Dressing said. “We have the mashgiach we need to pay, the quality of our meat — it needs to be from a specific distributor that needs to be kosher. Hopefully, because of the quality of the food and how good it is, we’ll have those people coming back and seeing that the prices do make sense.”

She further emphasized that all of the food is made fresh every day, including a rotating lineup of soups.

“There’s no concept like this in the kosher market in the country,” Dressing added. “We wanted it to be fast, fresh and a quick lunch. It’s 2018. Everything is healthy and fresh.”

Community days are planned for the new, brightly lit industrial space, which is also open for event bookings and catering for up to 30 people.

Neuman says one of the most appealing factors of The Daily Special is its short wait time for busy customers.

“You’re not waiting, and even if it takes a little time, you’ll know it’s for you and that you’re on your way,” the chef and consultant said. “No one is making your food in the back. It’s a nice entity for the building and a nice entity for the downtown community. It’s a kosher option that we don’t have anywhere right now.”


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