New owners acquire Goldberg’s New York Bagels

Google Maps screenshot of Goldberg’s New York Bagels

Goldberg’s New York Bagels has new owners. In May, current co-owners Chaim Lazar and Mark Prince took over the bagel shop from its previous owner, Stanley Drebin.

Lazar is currently the owner of a number of different food services businesses. He and Prince both own Mama Leah’s Pizza, and Lazar also owns Ta’am Thai: Sushi Bar and Asian Fusion. He learned through word of mouth that Drebin was willing to sell Goldberg’s to someone who could continue his legacy, Lazar said. He approached Drebin, and they reached an agreement relatively quickly.

Afterward, Lazar realized he would need some operational partnership and invited Prince to come on as co-owner and oversee day-to-day operations, while Lazar focuses on the oversight of things like finances and marketing.

“I would say that I’ve learned about the bagel-making process,” Lazar said. “It’s a lot more complicated and nuanced than I thought it would be, and now I see why it’s very difficult to replicate the process. It’s a very unique, handcrafted process.”

While Lazar plans to lean toward past tradition regarding the menu and the bagels themselves, he said, he hopes to improve the experience of both in-person and online ordering. He also has plans to add a coffee bar, and the location is currently undergoing a series of room-by-room renovations Lazar hopes will be finished by September of this year.

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