New start for a new year: Community members share their 2021 resolutions

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Exercise more. Practice gratitude. Get vaccinated for coronavirus.

Every New Year’s, people reflect on the past year and craft new goals for themselves. As unusual as 2020 was, and as tepidly hopeful as people are for 2021, community members are still making New Year’s resolutions. We asked people around the community to share their resolutions, and this is what they said.

Jon S. Cardin, delegate, 11th district

With 20 years of promoting my important agenda of child safety, democratic integrity, family health and environmental protection, I have spent a year with my children, wife and dog, focused on health, safety and personal renewal and introspection. In the coming year of 2021, I have resolved to worry less about attribution of credit and recognition for ideas and actions, and to focus more on taking more specific and narrow actions that will have positive results and create a better place for all of God’s creatures to thrive. The world is a bigger place than the actions of one but my world and yours is impacted every day by actions of one. My 2021 joy and fulfillment will be realized by being smart with my choices to do acts of kindness, with my actions to keep my family safe and healthy, and thoughtful with my time to focus on improving the human condition and nature around us.


Helene Kahn, chair, The Associated’s IMPACT

In 2021, I hope to find ways to reduce the noise in life so that I can truly hear the important messages to focus in on.


Greg King, director of grief support and community education, funeral director, Sol Levinson & Bros.

From a global standpoint, I want to do my part to help end the pandemic. I will get the COVID vaccine as soon as I am able. From a personal standpoint, I want to make up for the travel opportunities we lost last year and do as much traveling with my wife and children as we can.


Israel “Izzy” Patoka, Baltimore city councilman

My New Year’s resolution is to elevate my efforts to get a public recreation center constructed in Pikesville that serves all age groups. Like many others, I too need to burn off my Zoom meeting additional weight gain. The added benefit is that we could all stay in good shape for years to come. This is especially important since there are no public recreation centers in the 2nd District.


Ashley Pressman, executive director, Jewish Volunteer Connection

My New Year’s resolution is to practice gratitude, appreciate what I have and challenge myself to build my self-awareness and self-care practices so I can take care of myself and be of service to my family and community.


Deborah Rapoport, head of school, Ohr Chadash Academy

Rather than making annual New Year’s resolutions, I try to remind myself from time to time that I have a purpose. When I focus on that idea, all the other things I’d like to work on seem to fall into place.


Rabbi Eli Yoggev, Beth Tfiloh Congregation

I hope to improve my physical health this year. A new year and a new commitment to a healthier diet and more exercise. A healthy spirit in a healthy body! Don’t let me down, 2021!


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