No Equivalence Between Left and Right


A recent letter appearing in the Baltimore Jewish Times entitled “Neither Side Is Innocent” (Nov. 9) seems to equate the perfidy of persons on the right and left sides of the political spectrum. Let’s be clear. There is no equivalence. The extreme examples on the left reveal an element of prejudice whereas the extreme examples on the political right reveal a commitment to murder (most recently the pipe bomber and Tree of Life murderer) and to overthrow core, foundational principles of the U.S. These actions are not equivalent. The left has its socialists (Social Security, Medicare, universal health care, free public colleges) while the right has its white nationalists and Nazis who want a white, Christian nation. The impact of these policies on all of us is not equivalent. Protests by the left have disrupted the lives of those with whom they disagree. Protests by the right have taken lives. This is not equivalent.

More people need to become involved in the political process, seek compromise and honestly state and then deal with our diverse perspectives to avoid more tragic violent events in the future.

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