No Sense Of Alarm


Did “Fusion of Faiths” (June 21) seem to acquiesce to missionary attacks just to get a rise out of the community? … I have spoken many times to Ruth Guggenheim of Jews for Judaism about spiritual predators like Chosen People Ministries, and I never caught a hint of acquiescence from her. In your article, she appears to accept that Messianic Judaism might someday be just another branch of Judaism. There is no sense that folks involved in counter-missionary work are alarmed. More like: “it’s all good.” But it’s not all good, and your article should have reflected that. For example: In addition to listing four Christian missionary websites targeting Jews, it may have been helpful to list counter-missionary websites such as,, and, specifically for students. You might also have mentioned the fake Jewish Bibles that promote Jesus as the Messiah, the use of Jewish symbols and other deceptive practices meant to trick uneducated Jews. These people want to do what 2,000 years of persecution failed to do: make every Jew a Christian. Please don’t help them.

Shelley List

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