North Oaks Forms Speakers Bureau


North Oaks has added a speakers bureau to its North Oaks Institute program to provide a stable of its senior care professionals who can speak to groups about different aspects of adult services.

The North Oaks Institute was developed almost two years ago to bring in occasional speakers to address issues relevant to senior care, according to Mark Pressman, business development and strategy director for North Oaks. The speakers bureau is an extension of that goal.

“North Oaks has been part of the Pikesville and adult services communities for all this time and been supported, and maybe there was a way we could give back,” Pressman said. “Our North Oaks Insitute came from that question.”

Where Pressman said he sees a void the speakers bureau could fill is for other professionals in areas tangentially related to senior care. For instance, attorneys and accountants don’t necessarily deal directly with these issues, but aging clients will likely have questions about planning for the future or what to do in the case of an emergency.

This is where a someone from the speakers bureau could come in — offering training or even a panel of experts to educate on best practices or recent advances.

With the baby boomer generation now aging, Pressman said, it’s as important as ever to ensure seniors, and those who work with them, are prepared.


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