Not A Rabbi


The Jewish community must continue to disclose Jewish misrepresentation by missionary movements speaheaded by their deceptive leaders. The JT was wrong to designate Barry Rubin as “Rabbi” given his role with a Christian congregation that misrepresents itself by its name and intent. … I had attended Emanuel Messianic “Christian” Congregation in Clarksville, as an observer, on four occasions in the last nine years. I had shared my impressions with the leaders of the Howard County Jewish community on each occasion. I take offense when this congregation, under Rubin’s leadership and supported by well-funded Christian sources, uses our Torah, holidays, prayers, songs, rituals and symbolic objects. His congregation has a right to organize as a faith community in a location of its choosing based on the protections of our constitution and common law. It does not have a right to misrepresent itself as Jewish or have its leader designated as rabbi. … The Jewish community must continue to create excellent edu- cational opportunities and productive conversations to combat missionary efforts. As for Rubin, he and I have nothing to talk about. My energies to support the Jewish people and community would be better placed elsewhere.

Cantor Alan Rubinstein
Cantor Emeritus
Bolton Street Synagogue

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