Now’s The Time To Join The Network


011014_mishmash_socialEveryone seemingly has a Facebook or Twitter account these days, but if 2013 left you still wondering what hashtags are all about, then it’s time to get social. Social media’s power to connect people, places and brands is unmatched by any other form of communication today.

Used by people of all ages, Facebook is the kingpin of social media; it offers you the ability to stay in touch with relatives, upload and view photos and videos, find out what your friends are up to and more. Just remember to establish your privacy settings if you want to protect your own turf before getting started.

If you want to keep up with a bevy of Baltimore-area rabbis, President Obama or even Matisyahu, Twitter is probably the way to go. You can follow and tweet with them through the service, where you can view and publish real-time updates in just 140 characters or less.

Looking for a source of inspiration to plan a vacation or celebration or to shop? Then Pinterest is where you should be. You can engage with scores of people and view picture boards that will light up your brain with great ideas.

In the professional realm, LinkedIn is a must for everyone launching, revitalizing or strengthening their careers. Become a thought leader in your industry by posting valuable information to your own newsfeed, answering and asking questions in groups and networking with peers.

Whatever you choose to stay connected, think of social media as just another set of tools to help you communicate with the outside world

Gerri Baum directs social media for Kalix Communications in Baltimore and is a social media manager for Sociality Squared in New York City.

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