Obstacle Course


I enjoyed your story, “Obstacle Course” (May 31), which is the current international adoption system. It focused on a Jewish couple who adopted a (non-Jewish) child from India. My question to you: Jewish couples can’t find Jewish kids to adopt, yet a Bible-thumping gentile can?

Below is a copy of an email sent to Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson in response to his Aug. 27 article on adoption, “Miracles from Abroad.”

Thus far, I have not received the courtesy of a response, even in the form of an autoreply.

Email (paraphrase): “There are more American Jewish couples eager to adopt a child than there are Jewish children available for adoption. So much so that many such couples are forced to adopt gentile children, even from abroad. So how does an Evangelical Christian get to adopt a Jewish kid? And in what faith is he being raised? I am not alleging a modern-day Mortara affair. … But … I think it needs to be addressed in some fashion, and the American Jewish media should be in the forefront of doing so.

S. Weissman

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