On Animal Sacrifice

Image by nellyaltenburger from Pixabay

By Skye Spealman

This Torah portion, Tzav, talks about animal sacrifices, which were done during the times of the Mishkan and the Temple. People sacrificed to God when they committed a sin and wanted forgiveness or when they were thankful. The purpose of sacrificing was that it helped people get closer to God and to gain God’s forgiveness.

I disagree with the system of animal sacrifices because it does not seem right for people to be hurting animals in order for God to forgive them. I think that if the Jews did something wrong and wanted God to forgive them, they actually added to their wrong by then killing animals.

Today, we have better ways to gain God’s forgiveness. For example, we fast, pray, and apologize. Apologizing is especially important because it shows that you are truly sorry.

One good thing about sacrificing was that all Jews came together to Jerusalem to offer their sacrifices. Sacrifices were allowed only at the Temple, so the whole community had to come together. The thought of everyone sacrificing together reminds me of my bat mitzvah project, which involved helping my community.

For my bat mitzvah project, I raised money to make children’s bears for young kids in the
hospital. We spent time raising money by doing lemonade stands, and our friends helped us by making bears with us.

This is something that I loved doing because it helped the kids in the hospital, and it made them happy. It was a way that I could show the lesson from my Torah portion, coming together as a community to help each other.

Skye Spealman is a seventh grade student at Krieger Schechter Day School.

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