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092713_one_peopleAs we come to the end of the High Holidays, with the concepts of renewal, rededication and new beginnings still very fresh in our minds, we are anxious to begin the very important assignments we have accepted on behalf of our community.

We are the chairs of the Annual Campaign and The Women’s Campaign for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. We accepted these roles because we believe that helping our community and Jewish communities around the globe is part of our sacred obligation as Jews. Working with the professionals at The Associated and hundreds of volunteers who give so generously of their time, we will have the privilege to ask one Jew to help another.

Judaism emphasizes that we are all responsible for each other. It teaches us that each one of us has a unique soul, but, together as a people, we are a light unto the nations. We have Jewish scientists, artists, doctors and engineers who consistently contribute to the betterment of the world in profound and dramatic ways. When one of us shines, we all beam; when one of us is disgraced, we all feel shame because we are one people, we’re family. Each of our unique contributions and differences add up to a sum total of a great people.

We come to our roles at The Associated for different reasons, but we share the same commitment to the Jewish values transformed into act-ions by The Associated annual campaign. The funds raised through the annual campaign enable The Associated agencies and programs serving our community to provide a safety net for those in need and build a strong, vibrant Jewish life for future generations.

In our work for The Associated, we have the opportunity to speak with members of our community helped by The Associated and to travel to Jewish communities in Israel and other parts of the world that are sustained and enriched by the generosity of Jewish Baltimore. We see firsthand the impact that our community’s centralized system can make; we are very proud of the fact that our community is the only one in the current federation system that utilizes this model. In Baltimore, agencies do not compete against each other for resources. They collaborate on programs and services that serve the greater good.

Collaboration is a value embraced by The Associated, and it is critical for the success of the annual campaign and the community. Without the support of hundreds of volunteers, we would not have the collective strength to accomplish our goals. Without the wisdom of the professionals with whom we work, we would not be able to thoughtfully plan for our community’s needs. And without the generosity of thousands of donors to the annual campaign in our community, we would not be able to ensure that no need goes unanswered and no aspiration is unfulfilled.

We hope you will join us this year in the meaningful work we do on behalf of The Associated. There is a place for everyone in our community who wants to make a difference, who wants to change a life and who wants to transform our core Jewish values into action. To get involved this year, visit

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