Only Hashem Can Send Mashiach


Your excellent thought-provoking article by Maayan Jaffe, “Fusion of Faiths: Can Jews believe in Jesus?” (June 21), presented many questions. As Ruth Guggenheim, executive director of Jews for Judaism said, “We, as Jews, totally accept that there are multiple ways to believe in God.” I agree, but unfortunately some people do not share this same tolerance of religion that our faith does. Ruth advocated that many people say, “If we accept all of the different denominations, why not accept a belief in Yeshua?” … Sounds like a reasonable question. But there is a definite Biblical commandment … that binds us to a different approach in our faith and relationship to God.

In reference to the Messiah, for all the reasons listed in the June 21 JT on page 28 … according to Jewish Torah teachings, Jesus did not meet [the Messianic requirements].

In Judaism, we are not supposed to worship idols or make a god out of mankind. That’s why no one knows exactly where Moses is buried; our Sages did not want the Hebrews to worship Moses as a god.

Because the concept of the word “savior” is expressed in the Jewish Book of Isaiah 49:26 as follows: “… And all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy savior, and thy Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob.” In other words, the Torah is our King, our God, our redeemer and our savior. Why? Because, the Torah is the word of God. To say one can only be saved through Jesus is like the extremist Islamic jihadists saying unless we accept Allah as our God, then we are not saved but doomed to be beheaded as infidels.…

Only Hashem can send the Mashiach; but only when the time is right, when we as Jews are all united as one in Torah study and observance of Shabbat and Jewish laws. This is how we will eventually live up to our destiny to be a “light unto the nations,” and in Israel, to be a holy nation. … The Torah is eternal and cannot be changed, nor should it be taken lightly. … There can be no “fusion of the faiths” if the fusion creates confusion about the Jewish Messiah according to Hebrew Scriptures. That is, there is a distinction between Jews for Jesus and Jews for Judaism (read for Hashem). One is Jewish and the other is Christian. …

This does not mean we can’t share our mutual values of social justice and acts of loving kindness, etc. … Religious freedom is supposed to mean free to choose without being harassed and/or abused.

Barbara Ann Fennell Bloom
PresidentPeace Through Torah Truth, Inc.Baltimore

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