Only One Chamber for Owings Mills


Since 1949, The Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon Chamber of Commerce (ROMG), now known as the Northwest Chamber of Commerce, has served the Owings Mills business community as its hometown chamber (“Pikesville Chamber of Commerce to Change Name,” Sept. 21). More than 50 percent of our current membership has the Owings Mills ZIP code of 21117. No other local business organization shares our history of success in Owings Mills or has as many Owings Mills members. Recently, the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce made the decision to make a concerted effort to market itself in what has always been our catchment area. Efforts to dissuade this practice have been rejected. Unfortunately, we are not working together.

To clarify any confusion, The Northwest Chamber is asserting that we are the only chamber organization serving Owings Mills since its development. We are not currently engaged with any other chamber organization in developing a cohesive and positive partnership for this business community. Therefore, The Northwest Chamber is and remains the hometown chamber for the 21117 ZIP code. While no laws govern the behavior of chambers of commerce, we have always adhered to a code of ethics among chambers wherein the catchment areas of other chambers are respected and upheld. It is my sincere hope that our neighboring chambers will do the same.

Editor’s note: Sally Shapiro-Gould is the mother of JT Managing Editor Marc Shapiro.

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