OU Wrong on Sessions


Reading Mr. Katzir’s commentary about Jeff Sessions’ appearance at the OU Washington conference, I’m disappointed (“Justice, Jeff Sessions and Judaism,” June 29).

I’m disappointed the OU would allow someone with his background — someone who has made bigoted comments about African-Americans, not to mention his actions regarding the separation of immigrant children and parents recently — to appear at its conference. Is it possible that this Orthodox group has forgotten its Torah? Or has it become so enamored with the president because of the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem that it’s willing to turn a blind eye to his infidelities, lies and total disregard for those who look towards the etched words on the Statue of Liberty for a better life, like most of our ancestors did?

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  1. It seems apparent that OU and its officers want to walk away from the award they gave Mr. Sessions, and now just say they gave him a gift for appearing before them and talking about religious liberty. Yes, the OU and other Jewish organizations have turned a blind eye to the bigotry and racism of this administration. The president to this day maintains that neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville last year screaming genocidal anti-semetic slogans, were “fine and decent people.”


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