Oy Vey, Chicken Palooza Time!


So it’s a typical day at the disgraced Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, which means another massive problem looms.

After all, this is where back in 2008 past and present associates swallowed 9,000 counts of child labor violations, a strand in a string of legal problems making O.J. Simpson look sweeter than Little Orphan Annie. Now comes 41,000 pounds of kosher frozen chicken wings — aka about 20 tons — for undisclosed reasons deemed inedible for humans, but fit for animals (and no, you cannot feed these to your lovely vilde chayakids).

Enter the Cricket Hollow Zoo in lovely Manchester, Iowa, reported The Associated Press. It seems that the Iowa Waste Exchange (don’t ask, I mean just what do they exchange for what?) deemed the animal sanctuary the beneficiary of what the animals might howlingly refer to as Chicken Palooza.

Perhaps the most humorous line in the AP report: “Hold the hot sauce and blue cheese; the big cats at the Cricket Hollow Zoo in Manchester like their chicken wings raw.” Umm, will Mayor Mashgiach allow Agriprocessors to dish out kosher wings destined for a blue cheese family special? Will the zoo hire someone to teach the herds to wait three hours before a milk nightcap? I’m betting Rabbi Shmuley Boteach would take the job.

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