Peace for Peace


081613_mishmash_bookShiloh Israel Press 2013, 228 pages

Welcome to the “grand illusion” is the theme of “Peace for Peace.” David Rubin clearly defines why peace in the Middle East has never happened and never will. The book provides a great history of how the Jews came to inhabit and own the land of Israel.  He defines a peace plan that derives its guidance from Israel’s history, both modern and ancient. In contrast, he outlines the Islamic mission to obtain world domination starting with the destruction of Israel.

Rubin points out that we have witnessed the negative aspects of Islamic law in the Iranian
Revolution in 1979 and currently in Arab protests in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Rubin’s foundation is that there is a false premise to peace negotiations.

This book is extremely thought-provoking but very biased.  It will definitely make readers think.

Believing Israel is the Jews’ God-given inheritance, Rubin indicates that a peaceful two-state solution is not possible. Facts in the book support Rubin’s thesis, but are the facts accurate?  Are they taken out of context?  Rubin proclaims all Islamic people believe in the termination of Israel as a Jewish state, which makes this is a very disturbing book.  Do we all need to wake up to his “reality?”

As a Jew, I support the State of Israel with all my heart, but I question a book that appears to be so black and white.  I learned a lot from this book, but I was left with more questions than answers.

— Michele J. Floam

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