Pearlstone Staff Go All-Out to Save Baby Goat

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Eight new babies have been born at the Pearlstone Center this year. Via Pearlstone/Facebook.

Two new baby goats were born at the Pearlstone Center Monday, Feb. 23, joining the total of eight kids born this winter. However, it didn’t look like the tiniest newborn was going to see spring when Mama Goat started to ignore it.

In normal cases, the neglected baby would die.

But the Pearlstone farmers and volunteers jumped to action, named the tiny baby Matilda, and have been bottle feeding her and bringing her home every night, shared Rachel Moses, director of marketing at Pearlstone. Someone from every single department, from group sales to maintenance, has volunteered to bottle feed and babysit the “sweet kid.” Matilda has been napping in Pearlstone offices and will be human-raised until she’s strong enough to join the herd.

Matilda receives love from Pearlstone volunteers. Via Pearlstone/Facebook with permission.

Thursday, Feb. 27, a retreat group, Rise Against Hunger, visited and took an indoor goat photo shoot and lesson as Matilda was fed lunch.

“This is truly Jewish community in action,” said Moses.

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