Picking And Choosing


Steve Sklar is going down a slippery slope when he criticizes the Jewish Times for taking advertisements from Maryland Live (“Your Say …” Aug. 23). The JT is a (hopefully) for-profit enterprise that has the right to take advertisements from legal commercial enterprises.

Picking and choosing when to use Biblical verses to challenge a commercial position is dangerous. How do you pick and choose who to go after? … If Sklar wants to go down this avenue, perhaps he needs to go all the way. In the Aug. 30 issue, I saw very nice ads from Sen. Barbra Mikulski and Gov. Martin O’Malley wishing us a happy New Year. Clearly both of these fine public servants support social issues (that I agree with) that are directly at odds with the Old Testament. Should the JT not take their advertisements as well?

I get nervous when we start to get too literal in our interpretation of the Bible and pick and choose those verses that justify our positions and ignore others that, when taken literally, do not. I am simply glad that I don’t have to drive to Delaware for the occasional game of poker.

Ira Malis

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