Pie, Anyone?


Remember the old bit about someone tossing a creamy pie in someone’s face, who turned around and returned the favor, and so on?

Well, a Jewish youth group in Great Britain just took the idea to the world stage in a major way. The event, which took place in East Mersea, Essex, involved 253 members of the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade tossing 648 pies at each other, according to the JTA Wire Service.

To make sure that all was kosher, an adjudicator from Guiness World Records was present to confirm that a new international mark had indeed been hit.

Who could come up with such a stunt? Steve Weller, the group’s activities coordinator, thought it would be a fine way to end the summer activities.

“Somebody challenged me to break a world record, and custard pies just came into my head,” he said.

Some advice to Steve: Since you’re probably still cleaning it all up, next time you might want to consider a knish-eating marathon or a pickle toss.

That’s particularly worth hearing in light of the fact that not everything went according to plan. As Mr. Weller noted: “We did have 650 pies to start with, but I think two got eaten.”

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