Pikesville Couple Awarded Fertility Grant


Pikesville residents Tzipporah and Ephraim Rose recently became one of four couples nationwide to receive a $10,000 grant to pursue fertility treatments. The other couples are from Kentucky, Florida and Ohio.

The grant is from Hasidah, an organization that raises awareness of infertility and connects Jewish families with resources to get treatment. Hasidah grants are typically reserved to cover the cost of in vitro fertilization treatments for female-factor infertility. However, Ephraim’s previous experience battling lymphoma and twice undergoing chemotherapy made this case different. Although his lymphoma is in remission, the treatments led to male-factor infertility.

“Given that the bulk of the problem was in male infertility, finding a charity that was willing to financially aid us was quite difficult,” Tzipporah said in a press release. “All others we had looked into would only give contributions toward the female infertility issues.”

Rabbi Idit Solomon, founder and executive director of Hasidah has the unique challenge of overseeing the grants.

“While all fertility challenges can be discouraging, Ephraim’s lymphoma diagnosis has given this beautiful couple yet another obstacle to overcome,” he said. “Their unique situation and optimistic spirit have made them a joy to work with, and Hasidah is grateful to have made an impact on their journey towards building a family.”

Although issues surrounding infertility can be extremely trying emotionally, Tzipporah expressed optimism about the couple’s future.

“Going through all of the testings, and the constant problems that have arisen at each step has been very emotionally overwhelming, painful and sometimes crippling,” she said. “But through perseverance and a good team of friendly doctors and nurses and the gracious help of Hasidah, we have been able to overcome and continue on with our long and enduring journey.”


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